Boosie & His Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Ramya J Exchange Words After He Revealed He Doesn’t Have A Grandchild

Boosie gon’ keep it 100 at all times! Today the rapper was trending after calling out his son Tootie Raww’s ex-girlfriend, Ramya J, over a plethora of alleged lies regarding a baby boy who he believed was his grandson. In the initial post, Boosie shared a video on Instagram with the caption, ‘The things these women do these days is CRAZY. My son has had the most stressful year of his life because of this situation. Ok yall wanna do this too, my son bet, and the momma of the daughter the worst.
The last pic is the real mother and father.”

The Baton Rouge rapper wasn’t done setting it off. He continued to call out Ramya throughout the day. In one post, he claimed the young woman gave him a fake birth certificate for the baby, posted pictures of the family to who he believed the baby belonged and explained how Ramya brought the child to Tootie’s high school graduation.

While Boosie continued to air the young woman out, she decided to clap back and make a few claims. She was specifically speaking about Boosie lying and spreading a false narrative. Ramya said that Boosie allegedly paid people to lie and say they were the baby boy’s parents and that the rapper never wanted her to have the child. She claims he went as far as to offer to pay her $20K for an abortion. She shared the baby’s birth certificate and DNA results as she revealed her receipts.

However, if you thought Boosie wouldn’t respond, guess again. He continued to pull out receipts by posting a screenshot from The Sun that showed the same DNA test. Things took it up a notch when Michelle Brown, the mother of the man who Boosie claimed was the child’s birth father, spoke out, also siding with the rapper.

Roommates, what did ya’ll make of this drama?!

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