EYNTK about Elvis, the Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic, as Austin Butler is tipped for an Oscar

There’s only one film on everybody’s lips right now in the movie world, and that’s the Elvis Presley biopic, aptly named Elvis. And Austin Butler, who stars as the kick of rock’n’roll does not disappoint! 

The film has been gathering a lot of Oscar buzz for Austin, who will undoubtedly be pleased with the outstanding reception to his performance as the flick took much longer than initially planned to hit the big screen. Why? Well, the project was originally announced way back in 2019, in those halcyon pre-Covid days. Aaah, simpler times.

Like with many things, the pandemic pushed back production, leading to massive delays. But finally, Elvis got its release date for the end of June 2022, and critics and viewers alike Can’t Help Falling In Love with the film. 

So, if you have yet to see the biopic (what are you waiting for?!), GLAMOUR has you covered on what you can expect from this movie, the leading actor’s preparation for the coveted role, and what exactly critics are saying. Hint, they’re very pleased. 

The movie is directed by Baz Luhrmann, who is best known for blow-the-budget big screen hits like The Great Gatsby, Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge, and also stars Austin Butler, a star you may already recognise for his work in TV and film. 

Want to know more? We’ve got all the deets below…

What is the Elvis Presley biopic about?

Elvis’ tale will be told across a 20-year period, beginning from his life growing up in poverty in Tupelo, Mississippi, to when he rose to fame in the 1950s – all while juggling a complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

The movie’s director Baz Luhrmann previously explained that the project is more about the era in which Elvis lived and performed rather than detailing his life per se. 

“When I look at musical biography, it’s not really about the life [of the artist],” he told the Australian Financial Review. “I’m not about lionising Elvis. I just saw him as the best canvas on which to explore America in the modern age, the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.”

Elvis represents what happens when a kid lives in one of four designated white houses in a black community,” he added. “Something new comes about, a fusion between country and African-American music, gospel and country-and-western music.”

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Who is in the cast of the Elvis Presley biopic?

As mentioned, rising star Austin takes a star turn as Elvis himself. 

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