‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Connects ‘Growing Pains’ Star Tracey Gold With Murdered Child Actress Judith Barsi

By Corey Atad.

Tracey Gold is receiving messages from lost friends and family.

The “Growing Pains” star is featured on the new episode of “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry”, and in a clip, she is connected with murdered child actress Judith Barsi.

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Before that, Henry shares other messages, including one from Gold’s grandfather, who dies when she was 15, saying, “He very much so did not want to be kept alive artificially,” and that he passed peacefully.

Getting feelings from a woman who “passed to soon” and had trouble with food, Henry describes pride in someone overcoming anorexia. Gold explains that she had her own battle with anorexia, which was nearly fatal, and that the girl who passed was a girl she met during her recovery.

At one point, Henry describes a child coming through, a young girl whose passing was “abrupt and immediate” and that “she was not conscious” when she died.

A reference to “Joseph” and the fact that she was shot finally connects the dots for Gold, who realizes Henry must be talking about Barsi.

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The young actress, who appeared in an episode of “Growing Pains” and was known for appearances in a number of other TV shows and for voicing Ducky in the original “Land Before Time”, was killed along with her mother in a horrific murder-suicide by her father, József, in 1988.

She was just 10-years-old.

Gold recalls helping put Barsi’s funeral together and her sister doing the eulogy.

Henry explained that the reason Barsi was coming through to her was her “appreciation” for the funeral.

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