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10 HBO Characters Who Deserve Spinoffs

HBO Max subscribers will soon be able to enjoy a Dune spinoff series about the Bene Gesserit, but there is a plethora of established HBO characters who also would make for excellent new series of their own. Spinoffs are nothing new for television, and while prequels and sequels do not always perform as well as the original shows, spinoffs can rival their predecessors when done correctly and with compelling stories.

Overly funny, dramatic, or young characters are often underutilized for storylines, being relegated as minor or supporting characters. These characters may be considered part of the main cast, but they deserve to have their individual stories told in detail and the character’s developed into entertaining television.


Meadow Soprano (The Sopranos)

As the daughter of Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, Meadow was depicted as a spoiled teen in earlier seasons of the hit show. She eventually understands the reality of her family’s involvement in the mafia, and her character learns how to take responsibility for her actions. By the end of the series, she is engaged and applies to law school.

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The ambiguity of the finale frustrated audiences for years. Though it has gotten a prequel in The Many Saints of Newark, an interesting spinoff would follow Meadow as she marries Patrick and they become lawyers. There would be the possibility of them being crooked to help crime families or taking the opposing stance to put them away. Regardless, it would continue the Sopranos story without their patriarch.

Jared Dunn (Silicon Valley)

Silicon Valley focused on a struggling tech start-up called Pied Piper. Jared Dunn (portrayed by Zach Woods) leaves his job at Hooli to work for the compression company. His quips were quick and unexpected considering his nerdy exterior. His fierce loyalty to the company intensifies his unassuming personality. Silicon Valley remains one of the best comedies on HBO Max.

Jared reveals tidbits about his past and his life outside the company. From living on the streets to the number of girls he manages to bring home, a spin-off could expand his backstory leading into his career in tech or follow him after the fall of Pied Piper before he takes a job at a nursing home.

Godric (True Blood)

Joining the True Blood cast in the second season, Godric was a very powerful vampire over 2,000 years old. Though he eventually became compassionate towards humans, he spent much of his time hunting them for sport. He was bloodthirsty but recognized his contribution to humans fearing vampires.

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His existence spanning thousands of years, a Godric spin-off could explore different time periods in his life when he exhibited such hatred towards the human race. It could feature various historical events, including battles, with vampire Godric influencing the outcome and instilling fear into humans. A spin-off could be far more entertaining than a reboot.

Aidan Shaw (Sex And The City)

Sex and the City audiences were always divided over who was endgame for Carrie Bradshaw: Big or Aidan. Carrie could never fully commit to Aidan despite his good-guy personality. She called off their engagement and, years later, ended up kissing him in Dubai in Sex and the City 2. At that point, he was married with three children.

Aidan deserved to be happy in his life without Carrie leading him on. He is not included in And Just Like That, but a possible Aidan-centric spin-off could give audiences his happy ending with he and his wife opening a custom furniture business and he completely moves on from his attachment to Carrie.

Keefe Chambers (The Righteous Gemstones)

Keefe holding an ice cream in The Righteous Gemstones

Portrayed by Tony Cavalero, Keefe from The Righteous Gemstones converts to Christianity upon meeting Kelvin. He is a former Satanist who occasionally runs into old Satanist friends who call him a nerd and do not understand his association with the Gemstones. he is often socially awkward yet help Kelvin with youth programs within the megachurch.

Keefe had an interesting life prior to befriending Kelvin and being saved. He series has been renewed for a third season, but a prequel for Keefe could follow his ties to Satanism in typical Danny McBride comedic fashion. With the Gemstones being minor characters, a spin-off could show a group of Satanists going up against the megachurch as they convert new members.

Claire Fischer (Six Feet Under)

Claire Fisher drives away in finale

Throughout Six Feet Under, the youngest of the Fischer children has a rebellious spirit. Claire dabbles in drugs and questions her sexuality. Facing a series of chaotic relationships, she eventually settles down with right-winged Ted when she is in her 40’s, following her mother’s death. The series finale states she died of natural causes in 2085 at over 100 years old.

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Considering her age at the time of death, Claire lived an incredibly long life after the family passed away. Since she eventually became an award-winning photographer, if she got her own spin-off, Claire could evolve into a more serious and mature character as she finds herself after her brother’s death. A possible spin-off could find her photographing grieving families as she converses with the deceased, keeping themes from the original series.

Ari Gold (Entourage)

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold on Entourage

The arrogant and sarcastic Ari Gold was Vince’s agent among other celebrities in Entourage for eight seasons. In Entourage the movie, Ari was a studio-head for Time Warner, but resigned by the end of the film. He is an egotistical, selfish man that somehow manages to lighten the mood of the drama series. Despite his personality, he surprisingly manages to have a good relationship with his wife and children.

Jeremy Piven has expressed interest in reprising his role in a spin-off series. Given the end of the movie when the group of friends discuss making a movie or series based on their lives, a spin-off could find Ari trying to make that happen as the head of his own studio. It could feature all new faces with issues arising when the end result is not enough like the real events.

Tommy Carcetti (The Wire)

The Wire: Tommy Carcetti looking devious

Introduced as a member of Baltimore City Council in season 3 of The Wire, Tommy Carcetti was an ambitious politician. He took a stance that is tough on crime as he planned his campaign for city major. He became blinded by his desire to clean up the city that he sacrificed his integrity. Throughout the course of the show, audiences watched Carcetti gradually become more and more corrupt.

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The Wire ended with Carcetti succeeding in his campaign for governor of Maryland. If he were to have his own spin-off, it could follow his corruption at a higher position similar to House of Cards. Aiden Gillen’s portrayal of a heartless politician battling his inner desire to actually do good would make for compelling television.

Brienne Of Tarth (Game Of Thrones)

brienne of tarth game of thrones

Brienne has one of the best arcs in Game of Thrones. She is introduced as a fierce warrior who wins a tournament against men. Impressed by her performance, King Renly Baratheon appoints her to his Kinsguard despite her gender. She is loyal, humble, and creates a name for herself in a world dominated by men.

The series ends with Brienne being a member of the small council as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. While this is a huge step in being taken seriously, Brienne deserves more. With the rise of female-driven storylines, Brienne could use a prequel to explore how she became such a strong fighter and the adversity to overcame prior to being the first knighted woman in the Seven Kingdoms.

NoHo Hank (Barry)

NoHo Hank in Barry

In Barry, NoHo Hank is the complete opposite of the title character, Barry. He is a member of the Chechen mob, but he is not what audiences would expect. He is polite and positive to counter Barry’s dark moodiness. Hank appears incompetent but is actually quite deadly. His inclusion in the series lights the mood despite the subject matter.

Though the series is currently airing on HBO and his future remains unknown, NoHo Hank warrants a prequel to explain how he ended up in the Chechen mob. As such an unassuming character, his positive personality and willingness to form friendships with his enemies doesn’t add up to being the leader of a mob organization. Audiences deserve answers.

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