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Darkseid’s Deadliest Attack Left The Justice League In Ruins

Darkseid’s attack in Justice League: Last Ride left the superteam in ruins, as the DC villain ended many lives in one of his deadliest battles.

Warning! Spoilers for Justice League: Last Ride #2 by DC Comics below

The Justice League is fractured and the villainous Darkseid is to blame after the DC Comics villain’s attack left the superteam in ruins. In Justice League: Last Ride #2, one of the deadliest battles involving the ruler of Apokolips is revealed, as heroes and civilians were killed in a fight against the big bad of the DC Universe and his powerful army.

Justice League: Last Ride shows a DC Universe where the Justice League has been ravaged by tragedy. Batman and Superman’s relationship imploded after the death of Martian Manhunter, leading the Justice League to split up. However, when the remaining members of the Green Lantern Corps call the team back into action after capturing Lobo, the person responsible for killing the New Gods, the Dark Knight and Man of Steel put aside their differences in order to protect him so that he can stand a fair trial. The Justice League decides to hide him on Apokolips, which brings back some tough memories for the team.

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In Justice League: Last Ride #2 from Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonça, Enrica Eren Angiolini, and Andworld Design, Darkseid’s grand attack is shown as the comic flashes back in time. The Justice League tries to stop powerful Boom-Nukes that threaten the planet’s existence, as Wonder Woman tells the team they need to evacuate Earth. However, with time running out and millions of lives on the line, the team scrambles to find a solution. On Oa, Superman helps the Green Lantern Corps fight against Parademons, as Darkseid breaks a previously established truce. Darkseid emerges on Oa with a dead Guardian in each hand.

While readers know Martian Manhunter’s death is coming, Darkseid seemingly kills another member of the Justice League, using one of his army’s explosives to detonate a nuke on Arthur Curry. Between the casualties of the two planets being attacked, Darkseid has plenty of blood on his hands. Now, he’s setting his sights on the Green Lantern’s Central Power Battery, which he will likely permanently damage given the depleted state of the Lanterns in the present day.

The latest strike by Darkseid is one of his deadliest to date, as he took out countless lives on Earth and Oa, murdered some of the Guardians, and likely took out Aquaman with a Boom-Nuke. The ruler of Apokolips really did a number on the DC Universe. The scary thing is, the comic only shows up until Darkseid’s arrival on Oa, so future issues will surely reveal how much more deadly his attack truly is. Justice League: Last Ride #2 is in comic book stores now.

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