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Dead By Daylight: 13 Tips To Be A Strategic Survivor

Dead by Daylight is still one of the most fun multiplayer horror games out there at the moment, but this game also delivers a huge challenge for players of the game. Survival isn’t always easy, especially when you’re matched up with high-rank killers that seem to never let you or your teammates off the hook.

This game offers such a huge variety of killers that are difficult to escape from, even ones from huge film franchises, such as Ghostface and Michael Myers. Players don’t always need to rely on incredibly difficult juking to survive the trial, there are plenty of perks and techniques that can be used to give players an edge against these overpowered attackers.


Updated on June 30th, 2022 by Melody MacReady: As of June 16th, 2022, Dead By Daylight celebrated the six-year anniversary of its launch, just after releasing the latest chapter: Roots Of Dread. After six years, Dead By Daylight remains a consistently updated and maintained multiplayer game that shows the dedication and passion of the developers.

Also after six years, Dead By Daylight is graced with new players. With the current state of the game, it can be a little overwhelming for newcomers. So this guide will provide even more tips for overcoming the learning curve and mastering the strategies that a survivor needs to overcome the deadly killers in Dead By Daylight.

Look Behind While Running

Quickly turning the camera angle to get a glimpse from behind can give players a hint as to how close the killer is following them. This can allow one to figure out the perfect place to run before the killer catches up.

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Also, if players can time it correctly, quickly spinning in a circle and going behind the killer might just confuse them enough to lose the survivor. The killer has such a limited view, so they may not see a survivor if they are too close to them.

Hide In Plain Sight

Dwight Fairfield hiding from the Trapper in Dead By Daylight

It’s important to remember that the killers do not have as wide of a view as the survivors do. Many times, a player can hide out in the open and the killer will walk by without even noticing.

Some ways to take advantage of this are to remain close to walls and try to blend in. Another strategy for this would be hiding behind a tree in the game. Things like trees, rocks, or even the cornfields could disguise one from the killer even if the survivor is within sight.

Play As The Killer

dead by daylight killer leak 6th anniversary

As scary as the killers are, knowing the opponent is one of the best strategies for surviving in Dead by Daylight. Especially since there are so many terrifying killers in the game now and each one plays very differently from the other.

In addition to that, they have a variety of perks and abilities that a survivor would never know about unless they played as the killer. Chasing a survivor and watching their mistakes is also a good way to learn how to improve.

Don’t Leave Scratch Marks

A killer pursuing scratch marks in Dead By Daylight

Many players in the game will run around the whole map unaware that it’s much easier for the killer to follow them that way. Also, it’s not the best idea to run the entire time while being chased.

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While running helps you move more quickly, it also leaves marks that make it easier for the killer to track survivors. One good strategy is to run from the killer, and abruptly stop and walk in a different direction, because there are no scratch marks left behind when a survivor walks.

Know Which Perks To Use

Survivor Perks in Dead By Daylight

In a game like Dead by Daylight, players only have 4 slots to use for abilities that can drastically change their gameplay, such as countering the killer. Using the best perks in the game can increase the chances of survival. Iron Will is one of the most meta perks in the game, as it makes it impossible for the killer to hear you.

Decisive Strike gives players a chance to get free if they’re being carried. Self-Care is also useful for players to be able to heal themselves, and it’s best to use an exhaustion perk such as Sprint Burst or Adrenaline for the fourth slot.

Work As A Team

Survivors in Dead by Daylight

Even though players always want to increase their own chances of survival, in this game, it’s much easier to live if there is a full team working together.

Instead of prioritizing only working on generators and ignoring hooked teammates, it may be even more beneficial to unhook your team, heal them, and then proceed to work on a generator together. Two players working on the same generator get it done much faster, especially with the perk Prove Thyself.

Take Advantage Of Jungle Gyms

Being able to run the killer around lots of maze tiles can make it much easier for them to get lost. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to leave misleading and messy scratch marks.

Jungle gyms usually have lots of windows and pallets that a survivor may also benefit from. Repeatedly vaulting a window may help give teammates enough time to finish a generator, while also increasing your survival time. Remember to always leave scratch marks in the opposite direction of where you’re heading.

Don’t Rush Saving A Teammate

Meg Thomas being unhooked by a teammate.

Nobody wants to see their teammate suffer and that’s understandable. When they are on a hook or wounded, some players will want to see to their aid instantly. There is a strategy to this as well; more times than not, killers will camp and wait for another survivor to save another teammate which can lead to two hooked survivors.

Even if they don’t, unhooking a teammate creates noise for the killer to track. So if a player intends to heal that unhooked player, it is wise to create a distance from the killer without exposing each other. The aforementioned scratch marks play a factor in this.

Save The Pallets

It may be tempting to use pallets every single time one is being chased, but it may be more beneficial to save them for when it’s necessary to use. Pallets can slow a killer down drastically, especially if they choose to break it.

If a survivor uses a pallet when the killer is too far away, this is a complete waste, as it could have been used to save someone else’s life later in the game. Be wary of killers such as Pyramid Head from the famous Silent Hill franchise, as he can easily harm a player through a pallet.

Move Between Generators

Repairing generators is the survivors' first priority in a trial.

The quick-time events known as Skill Checks when performing actions are difficult, especially when repairing generators. One of the most common mistakes beginners make is continuing after failing a Skill Check.

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The generator always lets off a sound that attracts the killer. The best strategy is to do as much as possible but if the player or any teammates cause an explosion, immediately dash to the next generator. It’s not worth sticking around because most times, the killer will investigate the noise.

Create Distractions

Cheryl flashlighting Pyramid Head on Dead by Daylight.

Stealth and self-preservation are definitely key but some killers are harder to handle than others. And sometimes, other teammates are not as familiar with Dead By Daylight. As a result, it’s sometimes best to be the hero and distract the killer, allowing teammates to complete repairs and other actions.

There are multiple ways to go about this. Sprinting while vaulting over objects can create noise, there’s the option to purposefully fail a Skill Check, and there are other more direct approaches. Using items to stun and/or frustrate the killer can do the trick.

Search Chests

Many players decide to only search chests when they are injured, in hopes of finding a medkit. A lot of the time, if a player has already brought an item into the game they will completely ignore chests.

If one chooses to open every chest that they find, regardless if they need the item or not, this can be helpful if someone else needs to grab an item in a hurry. Also, players gain a few extra blood points for searching through chests, which never hurts.

Cleanse Totems

Survivor cleansing a totem.

While lit totems are way more tempting and seem to be more useful to cleanse than dull totems, there are actually benefits to cleansing every totem a player comes across.

One of the most popular perks that killers run is “No One Escapes Death” which makes them able to down a player with one hit after the exit gates are opened. By cleansing all totems, this perk will not activate and it might make it much easier to escape the trial.

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