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Disney’s The Aristocats Live-Action Remake In Development

A live-action remake of The Aristocats is currently in development at Disney. The 1970 classic followed Persian cats on a journey to return home.

A live-action remake of The Aristocats is currently in development at Disney. The original animated movie, based on a story by Tom McGown and Tom Rowe, was released back in 1970 by Walt Disney Productions. The film follows a family of Persian cats who are set to inherit their owner’s fortune, but must find their way home with the help of a smooth-talking alley cat after their owner’s devious butler kidnaps and abandons them out in the countryside.

According to, Disney is now developing a live-action remake of the beloved children’s classic. The movie’s script is in the hands of Peter Rabbit’s Will Gluck and Onward’s Keith Bunin and will be produced by Gluck’s Olive Bridge Entertainment. Details on the project are still scarce since it’s still in early development, but the film will most likely follow a similar look and feel as Disney’s live-action remake of Lady in the Tramp.


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The live-action remake of The Aristocats should come as no surprise since Disney has been chugging out renditions of animated classics for quite some time, especially in the last decade. While the appetite for live-action films proves to be alive, the reactions don’t always match up. Take, The Lion King, which currently holds the highest gross for a Disney live-action remake, for example. While it produced strong results at the box office, the reviews for the film varied with many expressing the remake did not live up to the magic of the animated version, even with Beyoncé as part of the cast.

Disney shows no indication of stopping their investment in live-action remakes. Luckily, the company has a large library to indulge, especially as they explore character-based movies such as Cruella. Movies that center on animals are tricky though, as production needs to balance the use of live-animals and animatronics, which can easily take the viewer out of the movie. Hopefully, Disney can find their sweet spot by taking their learnings from past movies and applying it to The Aristocats.


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