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GTA Online Player Brings AFK Player To Safety Rather Than Killing Them

In a move that seems out of character for many GTA Online encounters, one player decided to show kindness to an AFK player by taking them to safety.

In a wholesome turn of events, a Grand Theft Auto Online player recently took it upon themselves to carefully escort an AFK GTA Online player to safety rather than use the opportunity to get an easy kill. Rockstar’s open-world online multiplayer title is often a playground for fans’ mischief, and while there are numerous ways to enjoy Los Santos’ offerings, encounters with other players frequently end in violence.

Despite being an eight-year-old title, GTA Online remains consistently popular with fans thanks to continued support from developer Rockstar, bringing large content updates that keep the game interesting. While a current-gen console upgrade for both GTA 5 and GTA Online was initially expected to release in November this year, fans looking forward to the upgrade’s graphical and performance enhancements will now have to wait a bit longer, with Rockstar delaying GTA 5’s console upgrades until March 2022.


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Reddit user ytivano shared a clip of their recent GTA Online encounter, in which they decided to exercise kindness instead of violence upon an unsuspecting AFK player. The video showed the Redditor discovering a player standing in the Diamond Casino’s parking lot, clearly AFK. In their vehicle, ytivano drives up to the player, managing to somehow scoop them up onto the edge of their car’s low bumpers. Having picked up the idle player, the Redditor then proceeds to very carefully drive them away from the exposed car park, steering them towards the Casino. The journey to the Casino is not without incident however, with ytivano accidentally throwing the AFK passenger off their car while trying to turn towards the building’s doors. Luckily, their passenger quickly gets back up, unharmed, and the Redditor is then able to gently push them into the casino’s entry.

The heart-warming experience starkly contrasts another player’s recent encounter in which their GTA Online casino vehicle prize was immediately destroyed by a griefer on its first test drive in the very same car park. Many Redditors praised ytivano for their wholesome act of kindness, with the post receiving over 14,000 upvotes at the time of writing. Other players were surprised that the Redditor had escorted the AFK player all the way to safety, as they expected them to drop the player off in the middle of the casino’s driveway, where they’d have been even more susceptible to danger.

It seems that one AFK player truly had luck on their side at the casino car park when they were found by ytivano, instead of one of the game’s less benevolent players. Hopefully, their trip inside the building itself will also be without incident, with the occurrence of a recent GTA Online glitch trapping players inside the Diamond Casino, making the location dangerous even without other players.

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GTA Online is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it will launch for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022.

Source: ytivano/Reddit


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