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Halo Infinite: Bassus Boss Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

In order to defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite, players will need to dodge attacks by using specific tools to move quickly around the arena.

Bassus is the second boss that players will face in Halo Infinite, and he can be very difficult to defeat without the right strategy. Therefore, it’s recommended that players spend some time exploring Recovery and collecting Spartan Cores in order to upgrade their gear before attempting Halo Infinite‘s campaign mission, “Excavation Site.” During this mission, players must face Bassus, who uses powerful melee attacks and moves very quickly.

To obtain Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite, players will need to explore the open world between main story missions. There are eight Spartan Cores to find on the first island that’s open to players, Recovery. The Spartan Cores are used for upgrading Master Chief’s gear, including the Grappleshot, which can help players in the boss fight against Bassus. Upgrading the Grappleshot will allow players to stun enemies, and it will decrease the cooldown time, which is essential to beating Bassus.


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In Halo Infinite, Bassus is a Banished Brute with a massive Gravity Hammer, and he will charge at Master Chief throughout the fight. Players need to dodge Bassus’ attacks by quickly moving around the arena using an upgraded Grappleshot. If players haven’t enhanced their Grappleshot, then the boss battle will be much more difficult because the Grappleshot will likely take too long to cool down each time it’s used.

How to Defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Bassus Boss Guide Bassus Holding Master Chief

Bassus will immediately start charging at Master Chief as soon as the battle begins, and a few hits with the Gravity Hammer can be fatal. If players are on a harder difficulty setting, they could die with just one hit. To be successful in this boss battle, players will need to fling Master Chief around the arena with the Grappleshot while using long-range attacks to hit Bassus.

In between dodging Bassus’ powerful melee attacks, players will need to hit him often to deplete his shields in Halo Infinite. The shields will regenerate if too much time passes without Bassus being hit, so players should try to shoot at him frequently, even if it’s just to keep his shields down. Along with shooting Bassus, players can attempt to drain his shields and health with explosives. Once the shields are gone, players can continue the strategy of shooting and grappling around the arena to drain Bassus’ health and win the fight.

Due to the fight’s mechanics, defeating Bassus may take players some time, but with a little patience and a lot of dodging, players can beat the second Halo Infinite boss. In addition, players will benefit from an upgraded Grappleshot, as well as a few grenades and a powerful weapon. After defeating Bassus, players can continue through the story to reach the next boss battle in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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