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Halo Infinite Player Cheats Death by Grappling Out of Pitfall

A creative Halo Infinite player managed to save themselves from falling to their death in a pitfall after a hijack attempt goes a bit awry.

A Halo Infinite player shared a clip where their Spartan manages to survive thanks to quick thinking and a grappling hook. While Halo Infinite’s campaign is not due to launch for another few days, its multiplayer has been the focus of fierce criticism since its release in mid-November 2021. Aggressive and toxic messages on the Halo Infinite subreddit aimed at the game’s developer 343 Industries reached such a level that posts to the subreddit were temporarily frozen in an attempt to restore order. While the core gameplay of the sci-fi shooter has been mostly praised, concerns over the game’s aggressive monetization and lack of playlists have left many longtime players of the franchise frustrated.


While the multiplayer component of the game may be controversial, Halo Infinite’s campaign appears to be a welcome change to the formula that has defined the franchise for the last 20 years.  The new open-world approach to the game has been met well, with Infinite earning glowing reviews from many top publications. This new approach to a Halo campaign was at first met with skepticism after initial reveals, but it would appear that fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this adventure has been worth the wait.

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In a post on the Halo subreddit, user Rayziel_ has shared an incredible last-minute save from certain doom thanks to clever use of a grappling hook. After using the grappling hook to jump into an enemy Warthog, the driver makes the quick decision to drive the vehicle straight into the pitfall at the center of the Behemoth multiplayer map.  At the last moment, Rayziel_ is able to jump back out of the falling Warthog and save themselves with a second grappling hook shot, flying back up out of the pit to safety.

The clip gained nearly 1400 upvotes on the subreddit comments were glowing, as fellow players praised Rayziel_ for their quick thinking. The subreddit has been inundated with highlights of gameplay moments both amazing and silly, such as earning 23 kills with a single shot from the series’ famous sniper rifle.

While plenty of players are enjoying having their own epic moments in the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has made it clear that feedback is being heard and improvements will be made in the future. While game modes have been limited since launch, there are plans to add many classic Halo playlists by the end of 2021, such as Slayer and SWAT. Even with the multiplayer somewhat limited in its current state, Halo Infinite’s players are already performing and sharing incredible plays on an incredible scale.

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Halo Infinite‘s Multiplayer is available to download on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X. The campaign will be available on those platforms on December 8th, 2021.

Source: Rayziel_/Reddit


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