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How to Get AllFire Stone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Players will require the Allfire Stone to craft pieces of gear in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here’s where players will be able to find it.

Allfire Stone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is one of many types of ores players can mine to craft gear. Unlike other ores, Allfire Stone can only be found in the Lava Caverns at white or blue mining outcrops. It also requires players to have Master Rank mining, which can be unlocked once the Elgado Outpost is opened up. Allfire Stone is new to the Sunbreak DLC, but like the Monster Material Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter, it is not new to the franchise.

Allfire Stone can only be found at the Lava Caverns, one of the areas previously explorable in Monster Hunter Rise. The Lava Caverns are split between two levels and 14 Areas, and players can explore them to find mining outcrops. Mining outcrops are the only locations in the game to find certain ores, and to get to some of these places; players need to use the Wirebug. The Wirebug is a new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise that allows players to explore the environment better. Using the Wirebug, players can jump up through the air and access areas that would otherwise be unexplorable; this is a method for finding some of the mining outcrops that contain Allfire Stone in the Lava Caverns. Players should master using the Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise in order to fully explore the various levels.


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To find Allfire Stone, players should first go to the Lava Caverns. Make sure to have Master Rank unlocked, as Allfire Stone can only be mined at that rank. Once Master Rank is unlocked, Allfire Stone can be found at white and blue mining outcrops throughout several Areas.

How to Get Allfire Stone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Allfire Stone White Blue Mining Outcrop

The easiest way to find the white and blue mining outcrops in the Lava Caverns in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is to look at the detailed map. Players can filter the material list to make it easier to focus on where certain items will be, and the white and blue mining outcrops are two different filters. Players should explore the different mining outcrops to find Allfire Stone once Master Rank is unlocked, but there is not a 100% chance that Allfire Stone will drop. Similarly to Monster Hunter Rise’s Goldlite Ore, players will need to grind to spawn enough Allfire Stone for crafting.

The Allfire Stone is used to craft several pieces of gear that are new to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC, including:

  • Arc Coil / Storge Coil
  • Damascus Helm X
  • Magmadron Vambraces
  • Magmadron Coil
  • Remobra Gloves X
  • Remobra Feet X
  • Rathalos Helm X
  • Tigrex X Mail
  • Utsushi True Chest / Medium’s Robe
  • Utsushi True Chest / Channeler’s Robe
  • Utsushi True Tassets / Medium’s Obi
  • Utsushi True Tassets / Channeler’s Obi

In total, 15 Allfire Stones are needed to craft this gear in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Grind the white and blue mining outcrops until enough Allfire Stones are collected. Once enough materials are gathered, players can craft the above-mentioned Monster Hunter Rise armor sets.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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