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How V Rising’s Offline Mode Is Different From Online

Depending on the kind of vampire experience gamers want from V Rising’s survival craft world will determine whether online or offline is a better fit.

Players can choose how to play V Rising, either online with other fellow vampires or venturing out into the open-world solo to build power. Either way, V Rising‘s survival gameplay exploded in popularity in the opening days in part due to the various ways that gamers can choose to roleplay. The type of player, however, will determine what the most enjoyable experience is.

V Rising has three different options for playable servers: online, private, and dedicated. Going with the online option means that players will interact with others in real-time, like in a traditional MMORPG. If the private option is chosen, players can be solo or invite friends or family through Steam to join them in a co-op experience. And, of course, dedicated servers are for those who wish to rent from a partner site and host their own rather than joining a random one. While V Rising doesn’t have controller support, a recent patch did at least bring in the option to play the game entirely offline via a “LAN Mode” toggle when starting a private server.


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The main difference between V Rising‘s online and offline modes is the ability to interact with other players and how quickly power can be built. Sticking with the multiplayer experience gives more options for roleplaying and advancement, whereas being a solo vampire on a private server allows new players to learn the game’s basics or enjoy V Rising like a single-player title. Regardless, both options can offer an enjoyable but challenging time for any vampire aspiring to be the next Count Dacula.

V Rising’s Multiplayer Experience Makes The Game More Enjoyable

V Rising Multiplayer Offers Group Raids

Multiplayer is by far the best way to experience all of what V Rising’s exciting survival elements have to offer. Some of the most crucial aspects of the game – such as exploring the world, raiding bandit camps, or building a castle – can all be done together online. Not only that, but players can also create clans and invite others to join them, similar to Clash of Clans but with a V Rising touch. One benefit of being in a clan includes the ability to share resources with other group members, which makes the crafting and surviving system even better.

On the flip side, playing solo also has its perks. The most obvious benefit of starting alone is learning the basics of how the V Rising‘s open-world survival and combat work before taking on tough bosses or entering into servers that allow PvP and PvE. V Rising, like most other MMORPGs, has different skill sets and techniques that players should learn early on if they’re going to understand the game’s progression system and advance in power. Venturing around as a lone vampire exploring and hunting for blood gives the game an engrossing feel and adds to the overall theme.

Nevertheless, whether it’s playing solo or with a group, V Rising is beginning to look like it could be one of 2022’s best indies. While the survival crafting still needs some balancing work, and similar games in the genre, like Valheim, do some things better than V Rising, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see that change as updates come through the game’s early access.

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