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Hulk vs Thor Most Epic Fight Ends with the ‘Death’ of an Original Avenger

Hulk and Thor’s most epic fight ever just ended with a serious bang, as an original Avenger surprisingly “died” in the heated Marvel Comics battle.

Spoilers for Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics

In Thor and the Hulk’s most epic fight to date, the battle ended with the surprise “death” of an original Avenger, as Bruce Banner is said to be killed when the dust settles. In Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics, the deadly matchup ends with both heroes reverting to the usual forms, but in the Hulk’s case, Thor tells Iron Man that the longtime Avenger seems to have been the maker of his own destruction and is dead – which isn’t exactly the truth.


In the current “Banner of War” crossover from Marvel Comics, Thor and Hulk have battled it out as the God of Thunder tries to bring the Jade Giant to justice for a deadly incident in El Paso. With Banner controlling the Hulk inside his psyche, the hero is unlike any version Thor has faced before. However, upon battling the hero, a Gamma-powered explosion transformed Thor into his own version of the Hulk, as he fought a Mjolnir-wielding version of the green monster. However, when the two characters are changed back to their usual forms, Thor lets it be known that the Hulk and Bruce Banner are dead.

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In Hulk #8 by Donny Cates, Daniel Warren Johnson, Martin Coccolo, Matt Wilson and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, a fully unleashed version of Thor as the Hulk exchanges huge blows with the Mjolnir-wielding Jade Giant in a twisted battle between Avengers. Odin takes over the Hulk in an effort to save his son, causing an explosion with Mjolnir that ends up reverting both heroes to their original forms. As Thor picks up his hammer as the dust settles, it’s revealed that “Bruce Banner… The Hulk… Is dead.”

In a post-fight conversation with Iron Man and Thor, Tony Stark can’t believe that Bruce Banner is “gone.” Thor tells him he thinks Banner let himself be destroyed, as he wanted to be free from the Hulk. That seems to be a lie from Thor as the Hulk and Banner exit the battle and reform Starship Hulk. Thor reveals to Lady Sif that the world would always doubt Banner’s incident in El Paso, and that giving him a fresh start where even his fellow Avengers believe he’s dead is for the best.

Thor understands that Bruce Banner is lost, and by declaring he was dead to his fellow Avenger, he is giving him the chance to start anew somewhere far from Earth. The Hulk will now try to find his purpose in the universe as he heads on a new path far away from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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