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Hypercharge: Unboxed – How to Unlock Pleb (Action Figure)

Protect the Hypercores from waves of toy enemies and complete levels to unlock different customization skins in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

The Pleb is an unlockable action figure character model in the wave-based shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed. This indie game is a first- and third-person shooter that has players protecting the Hypercore from an onslaught of toy soldiers, robots, T-Rex, and more evil toys. In addition to the base game content, players can unlock bonus content and customization options based on how well they performed in each level.

Players can explore the maps in Hypercharge: Unboxed in solo play or online mode. Players can explore a base set of maps, with options to unlock more maps through in-game play. Each map is inspired by a real-world location, many of which are centered in a house, toy store, or warehouse; anywhere toys would be found in the real world. Hypercharge: Unboxed is a colorful game that tries to bring players back to a childhood of playing with toy action figures. Among the many maps in Hypercharge: Unboxed are levels like the Action Attic, the Fort Jeep garage map, the Garden of Evil, and the Toy Palace. However, the Tutorial map is the first that players will interact with, and here they can find secrets and unlockable customizations.


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Pleb is one of the unlockable skins in Hypercharge: Unboxed. Once collected, players can customize their character from the customization screen on the main menu. From here, players can change the skins on guns, turrets, and the character model. Pleb is one of the base character models, but players can also change the head and style of their characters once more options are unlocked beyond the base content offered at the start of the game.

How to Unlock the Pleb Skin in Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge Unboxed Pleb character model customization skin tutorial

Plebs in Hypercharge: Unboxed are clearly made to resemble the crash test dummies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the 1990s. The player first encounters Plebs in the Tutorial; they serve as the enemies that run around with their arms flailing. However, players can unlock the dummy character model by finding the secret in the Tutorial.

Once breaking out of the action figure box at the beginning of the Tutorial map, the narrator Max Ammo sets players up with all the gameplay mechanics in Hypercharge: Unboxed. Players should look behind the shelves that line the walls for blue Power Nodes. There are four in total in the Tutorial level, and when players find them all and put a battery in each, they will get the Pleb character model. These secrets can be found:

  • On the fifth Model Kit shelf to the right of the Exit Door: Facing the exit door, with the Hypercore behind, look to the puzzle shelves on the left. Jump up the puzzle shelves and across the exit door to access the Model Kit shelves. On the fifth-highest shelf, near the end behind a bunch of model tank kits, is the first secret item needed for Pleb: a Power Node.
  • On the empty top Puzzles shelf next to the exit door: Get another battery. On the puzzle shelves next to the Hypercore, jump up to the top shelf where the Ulrichsberger puzzles are. The shelf will be empty behind the “Bildo” signs, and the secret Power Node is at the end. Once the Power Node is activated, bouncy balls will vault over the shelf, and players need to dodge them. Kill all the bouncy balls, so they don’t break the Power Node; all Power Nodes need to stay active at the end of the Tutorial to unlock Pleb.
  • On top of the shelf endcap near the starting point, behind the Speed Wheels sign: Next, grab another battery and head to the middle of the warehouse, where there are boxes on a black rail structure near all the Speed Wheels toys. Players will need to parkour up the black handrails to get to the top shelf on the endcap. The Power Node is behind the Speed Wheels sign and is the only thing on the shelf. Putting the battery in this Power Node will activate a helicopter players need to destroy.
  • On the top shelf where the Blue, lego-like Super Blocks are, near the Hypercore: Collect one more battery. From the Hypercore, facing away from the exit door, look towards the shorter Doyle’s Toy Store shelving unit. Jump up the boxes and across the blue shelf hangers to find the Super Blocks toy shelf; they will look like black boxes with blue lego tops. Behind these is the last secret Power Node.

After putting batteries in all the secret Power Nodes, finish the Tutorial level to unlock the Pleb action figure character model.

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Hypercharge: Unboxed is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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