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Love Island: Trina Asks Fans For Prayers, Announces Social Media Break

Love Island USA season 3 star Trina Njoroge asks fans for prayers and announces that she’s taking a break from social media for the time being.

Trina Njoroge has asked Love Island USA fans for prayers and announced that she is taking a break from social media. The viewers of Love Island were introduced to Trina as a 25-year-old psychiatric nurse from Hacienda Heights, California on the very first day of season 3. As an OG islander, Trina lasted a long time on the show and had a journey that was full of ups and downs when it came to her love life and friendships.

Upon first impressions, Trina coupled up with Jeremy Hershberg. Alas, it was clear that nothing romantic was going on between them. Trina then re-coupled with Korey Gandy as a friendship pairing given that the two of them got along very well. It was at that moment, though, that Trina realized she had certain feelings for Cinco Holland Jr. She approached Cashay Proudfoot about it, and Cinco ultimately re-coupled with Trina in the villa. On the other hand, Trina never found a partner on Love Island. She was instead eliminated right before the finale alongside newbie Andre Luis Brunelli.


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Several months have passed since Love Island USA season 3 ended, but fans are still keeping up with their favorite islanders. On Thursday, January 20, however, Trina shared a new message via Instagram Story that has concerned a few of her followers. She wrote, “In need of everyone’s prayers right now for a loved one. [prayers emoji] I’ll be off social media for the time being.” A few days ago, Trina shared an Instagram post about living in a bigger place and having her little sister move in with her as she made it through college. Trina celebrated the fact that she had been living by herself for six years and had her life change after being on Love Island.

Trina Njoroge from Love Island USA season 3 via Instagram Story announcing social media break

At this point, it’s unclear which of Trina’s loved ones is not feeling his or her best and is in need of prayers. With that said, it seems like this is someone who’s very close to Trina, to the point where she’d rather stay off of social media for the time being. There’s no doubt that Trina’s fans will be sending good thoughts her way and will hope that her loved one can feel better soon. Trina is also always a very positive person on Instagram who shares important messages about different causes and motivates her fans to feel better each day.

For now, Love Island fans should respect Trina’s privacy and give her time and space to deal with whatever hardship she has encountered. As a psychiatric nurse, Trina knows very well how to take care of her mental health – particularly in times of need. Hopefully, though, the Love Island USA star will be back on social media soon enough with some good news.

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Source: Trina Njoroge/Instagram

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