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Mechagodzilla’s Defeat Could Lead To MonsterVerse’s Next Robot Titan

Mechagodzilla’s defeat in Godzilla vs. Kong could lead to the MonsterVerse introducing a new mechanized Titan: Moguera. Here’s how that could work.

Mechagodzilla’s defeat at the end of Godzilla vs. Kong can give rise to Moguera in a future installment in the franchise. The classic Toho robot can become the second mechanized Titan in the MonsterVerse and the successor to Godzilla’s robotic counterpart. Mechagodzilla was destroyed when Godzilla and Kong teamed up against him in Godzilla vs. Kong, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end to synthetic robot Titans in the MonsterVerse

Moguera made his first appearance in Toho’s 1957 science fiction film, The Mysterians. In the movie, he was introduced as a giant robot under the control of evil aliens looking to conquer the world. Decades later, he was officially brought into the Godzilla franchise. For 1994’s Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, Toho reimagined him as a robot designed to protect Japan from Gojira. But instead of fighting the kaiju, Moguera had to contend with SpaceGodzilla, an extraterrestrial monster created from the King of the Monsters’ DNA. When neither Godzilla nor Moguera could beat him alone, the two had to form an alliance to take him down. Moguera was destroyed in the process and has yet to land a second role in a Godzilla movie.

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A chance to return to the big screen could come for Moguera now that Mechagodzilla has been disposed of. Toho’s depiction of the robot in the Heisei series reveals why it would make sense for the two characters to be linked. In Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, it was explained that the Japanese government built him from what was left of Mechagodzilla, who Godzilla destroyed with his spiral heat ray in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. The MonsterVerse’s Mechagodzilla being chopped to pieces by Kong’s axe in Godzilla vs Kong leaves the door open for Godzilla 3 to tell a similar origin story for Moguera.

Admittedly, Kong didn’t leave scientists much to work with, but Monarch and other organizations would surely be happy to get their hands on APEX’s tech, especially considering how unique Mechagodzilla was. After all, he was brought to life by Ghidorah’s DNA and fueled by the Hollow Earth energy source. These properties would certainly make his remains extremely valuable. If enough of him can be salvaged, it’s possible that the advanced technology APEX put in Mechagodzilla can be put to a different use in Godzilla 3. Something like this happening does feel like a logical course of action for the MonsterVerse’s scientists. Though Mechagodzilla may have demonstrated that building a robotic Titan is a bad idea, that doesn’t mean humans have learned their lesson. Now that one has been built successfully, others can follow. Monarch, who tried constructing a “mechanized giant” (according to Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ credits), can now revisit the concept and create Moguera.

For Moguera to work in the MonsterVerse, he would need an updated design and a more modernized look that keeps the most important elements of his appearance, which would be his drill-like hands and bulky stature. If it’s Monarch who builds him, the MonsterVerse can distinguish him from Mechagodzilla by having him fight alongside Godzilla against a new villain, just like Toho’s version did against SpaceGodzilla. This way, Godzilla 3 can deliver an interesting team-up between Gojira and the human characters in a different way than in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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