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Minecraft Player Recreates Valorant’s Jett & Her Moveset

A dedicated Minecraft player has combined the title with Riot Game’s tactical multiplayer shooter Valorant, recreating Jett’s special abilities.

One highly devoted Minecraft player has recreated Jett’s moveset from Valorant, giving fans a glimpse at the wind agent’s special abilities in a blocky version of the online tactical shooter’s map, Haven. Released in 2020, Valorant is Riot Games’ attempt at making a spiritual successor to Valve’s first-person shooter CS:GO with Overwatch‘s heroes system. The title features Agents, each with their own unique abilities and attributes, and includes objective-based game modes with an economy-round up to 5 players on each team. Racking up 14 million average players monthly as of 2021, the title is considered to be one of the most successful free-to-play shooters and continues to grow.


Minecraft is an endless open-world sandbox game with no fixed ending. Integrated with crafting and survival mechanics, players can create alm0st anything by using the game’s iconic blocks and nothing more than their imagination. Thanks to this, Minecraft players have been recreating video games, movies, shows, and entire worlds from popular media properties. Fathoming its creations, most recently one dedicated player managed to entirely recreate Genshin Impact‘s Teyvat continent in a full-scale monumental megaproject. This is one of many examples of how the title allows players creative freedom to let their imagination run free and how its longevity is endless.

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Reddit user kurobekuro shared a clip of their impressive recreation of Jett’s moveset from Valorant. During the short clip, the player can be seen using Jett’s wind abilities in Minecraft, with the character using Blade Storm to instantly kill other blocky enemies, Tailwind to instantly dash away or to certain locations, and even Updraft to get to higher areas in the game or even completely float around. Even more fascinatingly, the map seen in the clip also appears to be an entire recreation of Valorant‘s Haven map, putting an ultimate final touch to the project.

The recreation of hit first-person shooters is popular within Minecraft‘s community due to the game being strictly in first-person. Similarly, one modder recently turned Minecrecraft into DOOM. The impressive recreation mod is a spot-on replica of the 2016 soft-reboot and features various levels, enemies, textures and also adds completely new gameplay changes such as weapons and managing ammo. This makes Minecraft the ultimate game/platform for fan recreations.

Having the ability to combine multiple beloved gaming franchises, Minecraft is the ultimate game/platform for fan recreations. With a substantial amount of options and mods for anything that can be imagined, Minecraft modders and its players continue to find ways to keep the title timeless, so players can expect an endless amount of more recreations in the future, maybe some more from Valorant.

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Source: kurobekuro/Reddit

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