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Netflix’s Wednesday: The 10 Best Twitter Reactions To The Trailer

Netflix’s Wednesday is a fresh take on the iconic Addams Family franchise, starring Jenna Ortega as the titular Wednesday Addams and helmed by prolific director Tim Burton. The series promises to adapt the classic character in a way that feels new yet also pays homage to the original rendition of the Addams Family.

The first trailer for Wednesday has finally dropped online, showing off elements of the show’s plot, visuals, and cast for the very first time. With a release date set for later this Fall, Wednesday has gotten fans on Twitter reacting to their first look at the series.


A Twisted Mind

One Tweet from user Jingleghost comes in response to a recent report that the upcoming Wednesday series plays more like an “eight-hour movie” than an eight-episode show. With tongue in cheek, the Twitter user jokes that such a project might warrant a visit from the FBI.

Tim Burton’s distinctive directorial techniques have earned him a unique place in the annals of Hollywood history, but they certainly aren’t for the faint of heart. The prolific director’s dark tone will certainly be interesting when viewed in long-form storytelling, leading some fans to wonder if it might prove too much for eight hours of television.

A Good Year

Much of Wednesday‘s promotional material thus far has focused on its lead, Jenna Ortega. The 19-year-old actress was cast as Wednesday Addams last year, gaining the upcoming Netflix reboot of the character extra notoriety, which has only increased over the last few months, as one Twitter user points out.

2022 has been home to several of Ortega’s best films thus far in her career, with the actress appearing in Scream 5, X, and The Fallout over the course of a single year. Ortega is certainly a talent on the rise, with plenty to offer so early in her career.

Strange Chemistry

The first trailer for Wednesday revealed precious tidbits about the show’s plot, including an unlikely friendship between Ortega’s infamously dark-natured character and Emma Myers’s considerably more upbeat Enid Sinclair. Edna looks like a character who could come straight from the world of Barbie, a franchise set for a film in 2023.

It’s interesting to note that this Twitter user is clearly excited about the two upcoming projects because they’re so different on the surface. Still, given the talented people in the cast and crew of both projects, it’s understandable why everyone is excited.

A Worthy Gomez

Luis Guzmán becomes the latest actor to adopt the iconic role of Gomez Addams for Netflix’s upcoming rendition of the classic family. In a Tweet responding to the freshly dropped trailer, Twitter user FreddyInSpace expressed nothing but high expectations for the actor’s portrayal of Gomez. Plus, he resembles the original take on the character.

Guzmán is one a member of the cast who will look familiar to some viewers. The actor has appeared in such films as Traffic and The Count of Monte Cristo and has had major roles in several notable television series, most notably Code Black.

‘Nuff Said

One Twitter user under the handle slasherverse took the time to single out Jenna Ortega’s uncannily appropriate look as Wednesday Addams, signaling that they believe the actress to be the perfect choice to take on the leading role in the upcoming dark comedy.

While many fans have been understandably wary of the upcoming reboot, reactions have been unanimously positive toward Jenna Ortega’s casting as Wednesday Addams. With the first real look at the rebooted character finally out there for the world to see, Ortega’s casting should be enough to excite audiences for the upcoming reboot.


Certain Twitter users couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Wednesday and a certain other cultural phenomenon spawned by Netflix. Andrrerr puts forth their beliefs that Wednesday Addams and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven from Stranger Things would make great friends if their paths ever crossed.

There are certainly similarities between Ortega’s brooding Wednesday Addams and Brown’s beloved character from Stranger Things. While a crossover between the two properties is nothing more than a pipe dream, fans can’t help but wonder what if might look like if the two iconic characters ever met one another.

My Dudes

Determined to have a bit of fun with the title of Netflix’s Wednesday, JulianBussells posted a gif harkening back to a classic meme started by Tumblr user kidpix2, featuring a man in a Spider-Man suit enthusiastically proclaiming that “it’s Wednesday, my dudes!”

While the joke might be somewhat obvious, the “Wednesday” meme plays perfectly into the show’s title for obvious reasons. And, in a culture in which memes can make or break a show’s run, executives at Netflix are likely looking to break into the cultural zeitgeist with just such jokes as the show’s premiere inches closer.

Requiem For A Wednesday

In an age of rising competition among the streaming service industry, Netflix has often been the subject of user criticism for its failure to adapt to the times. With other streamers like Disney+ and HBO Max rising in subscriber numbers among Netflix’s decline, many have posited that the original streaming giant could be on its last legs. However, one Twitter user believes that Wednesday could be a step in the right direction for the company.

Though Netflix has enjoyed some success in its original content from a viewership basis, the streamer’s big hits have been decidedly disliked by most critics. Films like Red Notice and The Gray Man, while successful, have failed to shatter the company’s critical glass ceiling, though some fans hope that Wednesday can do what other Netflix originals could not.

Putting Doubts To Rest

As with any other reboot of a beloved property, there are bound to be plenty of incredulous fans convinced that their favorite franchise is about to be ruined. Though MxEzraJ seems to have been among this group when it comes to Wednesday, the first trailer for the upcoming series seems to have changed that, prompting them to praise the casting of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán as Morticia and Gomez Addams respectively.

Fan approval of Zeta-Jones and Guzmán being cast in the upcoming series was understandably tenuous. However, following the release of the show’s first trailer, fan reception seems to have warmed to the two actors, giving the show an extra measure of goodwill preceding its premiere.

Dark Expectations

The first trailer opens with a sequence in which Wednesday Addams lets piranhas loose in a pool of students who had bullied her brother. This moment seems to have gotten the attention of Twitter user werewolfkoo, who now claims to have different “expectations” for the series.

The inclusion of the piranha scene in Wednesday‘s first trailer promises plenty of the antics and dark deeds that the classic character is known for, alongside some truly dark comedy. Fans of the original Addams Family endeavors should expect much of the same mayhem from the upcoming Netflix series.

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