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RHOA: Falynn Reveals Who’s to Blame in Divorce From Simon Guobadia

Falynn Guobadia is not blaming her divorce from Simon Guobadia on her former friend, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

Falynn Guobadia has finally broken her silence on Simon Guobadia divorcing her and moving on with Porsha Williams. Through tears, Falynn explained why she’s not placing any blame on The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and is instead placing blame on herself and her ex-husband. Falynn appears to be taking the high road despite the betrayal from her former friend.

Simon and Falynn had a brief appearance in season 12 as husband and wife. Porsha introduced them to the group with Falynn listed as “Porsha’s friend.” However, shortly after the reunion aired, Porsha took to Instagram to confirm her romance with Simon and declare that she and Falynn were never friends. Fans have since blasted Porsha and accused her of betraying her friend despite claiming otherwise. Meanwhile, Simon has been publicly blasting Falynn and accusing her of cheating during their marriage.

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But after weeks of silence, Falynn spoke candidly during a tell-all interview about the messy split. It was April when Falynn announced her breakup with Simon. One month later, Porsha and Simon confirmed their engagement. When asked if she blames Porsha for how fast Simon moved on, Falynn told Adam Newell that she didn’t. “No, no one has that power over my life, my husband’s life and our marriage,” she said. “However, Simon and I were the ones who are married to one another, we’re the ones who created a family together and built a life with one another. I blame the both of us. He’s to blame, I am to blame and that is all.

After seemingly taking the high road and putting Porsha in the clear, Falynn revealed how she learned of his recent engagement at the same time as everyone else. “I did not know,” she said. “As a matter of fact, I remember receiving a phone call around 8 a.m. that morning when everything started making headlines.” She shared how doubtful she was at first and in disbelief that the wealthy businessman would go so low. But she still seemingly defended him and claimed he was only healing from their failed marriage. “Everyone has their own way to deal with pain and my husband is hurting just as much as I am,” she said. “But this, this took the cake. It hurt. That’s the best way I can describe it, I was in pain.” 

When it comes to what went wrong between the former couple after five years of marriage. Falynn feels being on the show played a part while noting how hard it was to make their marriage work. “I don’t think it was the show’s fault. We weren’t even on there like that for the show to be the ruin of our marriage,” she said. “But I don’t know, it seems like other things were going on that I didn’t necessarily know about. I’m still kind of lost on that part.” Porsha claims there were no overlaps from when she started dating Simon and he broke up with Falynn. But who knows what really happened between the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars? At least Falynn didn’t throw any shade at the new couple.

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