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Squid Game Season 2 Fan Theories Shut Down by Jung HoYeon

Jung HoYeon responds to Squid Game fan theories circulating around Reddit, dismissing her possible reprisal as Player 067 for season 2.

Squid Game star Jung HoYeon shuts down noteworthy fan theories rotating around Reddit on her potential return as Kang Saebyeok in season 2. Directed and created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game became an international success on Netflix after its release in September. Starting as a passion project over 10 years ago, Hwang wanted to use the Squid Game series to exemplify modern-day’s limits of capitalism and extreme competition. 

Squid Game tells the dystopian story of a relentless survival contest created for those ridden with financial debt, as 456 contestants compete against each other in violent children’s games to win a lofty cash prize. Known as Saebyeok, or Player 067, Jung plays one of the leading protagonists of the series and became a fan-favorite for many. Saebyeok is a North Korean defector with a younger brother, who was scammed out of her life savings to help her mother relocate to South Korea through a middleman. Out of desperation, Saebyeok enters the game to envision a better future for her family but is tragically killed before the last game.


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In a YouTube video with Vanity Fair, Jung debunks most of the Squid Game fan theories from Reddit. With many theorizing Saebyeok’s return for season 2, Jung disagrees as she was content with her character’s death, because she was no longer acting and carrying the weight of Saebyeok’s story. Previously, Jung revealed being emotional while filming Squid Game, as it became increasingly difficult to disconnect from the heartbreaking moments. Jung lightheartedly remarks that the fan theories can be overwhelming to ponder about, while adding, “Maybe Director Hwang needs more stress, but I’m a more peaceful person.” Watch the full video below: 

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Since the debut and success of Squid Game, Jung skyrocketed over 20 million followers on Instagram. Recently, Hwang and Jung attended the Gotham Awards, as Squid Game become the first K-drama to be honored with a major US award. At the event, Hwang and Jung both jokingly bantered about bringing back Jung for season 2 as a secret twin or resurrecting Saebyeok. Setting aside their playful remarks, the death of Player 067 seemed conclusive, with nothing definitively being confirmed as of yet for Squid Game’s sequel.

With many fans sharing a fondness for Jung’s portrayal of Saebyeok, it comes as no surprise to see the outpouring of theories longing for ways to see her return. Despite Jung’s disapproval of many fan theories shared on Reddit, she acknowledges the creativity shared amongst fans and hopes Hwang would consider some ideas for season 2. For now, fans can revisit Jung’s performance as Player 067 in Squid Game, streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Variety Fair

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