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The Family Chantel: Why Winter Everett Keeps Making Excuses For Jah

Winter Everett faces intense backlash from her family for dating Jah, but The Family Chantel star keeps making excuses for her boyfriend.

Winter Everett has been presented with numerous harsh realities about her boyfriend Jah on The Family Chantel, but the 26-year-old refuses to recognize the red flags. After her mother Karen Everett meddled into her older sister Chantel Jimeno’s relationship with Pedro Jimeno on 90 Day Fiancé, the family matriarch joined forces with Chantel to look into Winter’s love life. The two women uncovered that Jah was concealing a son from Winter, though even that didn’t cause the couple to split.

The Everett family is known for being dramatic, suspicious, and meddlesome, especially when it comes to people who date family members. However, Karen and Chantel uncovered major deception when it came to Jah. Winter’s mother and sister are still highly mistrusting of Jah on The Family Chantel season 3. The two women were furious to discover that Winter brought Jah along on a family outing to South Carolina. This led to Chantel and Karen getting in an argument with Jah, as the two ladies do not like how Jah has convinced Winter to convert to his Nazarene faith. However, Jah wasn’t shy about holding his ground when Karen and Chantel pried into Jah’s life.

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Many The Family Chantel viewers have sympathy for Winter. The younger sister of Chantel is often outshined by her older sister. Though Winter is well-loved among fans, it is clear Chantel is the star of her family. Therefore, some viewers have speculated that Winter entered into her relationship with Jah as a source of solace and comfort after consistently having Chantel steal her thunder in the family. Though Winter was 26 when season 3 was filmed, she was a late teen when she entered into her relationship with Jah. The relationship saw her taking on the role of caring for Jah’s daughter and put Winter in a serious position at a young age. Therefore, it’s understandable that she is resistant to let Jah go despite his past deception and seemingly controlling behavior. It also explains why Winter is so protective of her relationship.

Winter also continues to defend Jah in part because he is able to flip the situation. Though Karen and Chantel were the ones to tell Winter that Jah concealed a whole child from her for multiple years, Jah managed to warp the situation to paint Karen and Chantel as the villains. He convinced Winter he would have told her about his child and blamed Karen and Chantel for meddling before he was ready to do so. It appears Jah was quite convincing with Winter, as she then shifted the blame to her family and not her boyfriend. Since Karen has a storied history of meddling in her children’s relationships, it made it easier for Winter to disregard her concerns, even if they did appear to be valid for once.

The Family Chantel viewers are overwhelmingly rooting for Winter, but it is easy to see how her family dynamic forces her back into her relationship. Chantel and Karen were extremely hostile and unwelcoming to Jah when he joined the family in South Carolina. Perhaps if the women tried to cool their anger, then they could have a more honest discussion with Jah and Winter. In contrast, Winter’s brother River tried to be the calm voice of reason. River and Winter are extremely close in the family, which makes Winter more likely to listen to her brother’s advice than that of her mother or sister. New episodes of The Family Chantel season 3 will show how Jah and Winter’s relationship progresses and whether or not Winter will isolate herself from her family like her older brother Royal Everett chose to do.

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The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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