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The Justice League’s Combo Attacks Put The Avengers To Shame

In the latest issue of DC’s Justice League: Last Ride, Superman and the Flash reveal that they have a selection of coordinated power combos.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League: Last Ride #5

In the latest issue of Justice League: Last Ride, DC’s greatest team of heroes reveal that they have a playbook of practiced power combos that would put the Avengers’ team synergy to shame. Not only do Superman and the Flash reveal an impressive maneuver against their new foes on Apokolips, but it’s apparently one of several combo attacks they’ve created and practiced over the years, logging them away for when the right scenario arrives to deploy the perfect synergy of powers in any given environment.

In previous issues of Justice League: Last Ride from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonça, the team of heroes hadn’t actually been a team for some time. Darkseid’s previous invasion resulted in some major losses and in turn created rifts on the team, particularly with Batman and Superman who blamed each other for mistakes made that lead to the death of the Martian Manhunter. However, they’ve all come back together for one last mission at the request of Green Lantern Hal Jordon, who needs help protecting Lobo before his trial.

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While Batman had the idea to keep Lobo hidden on the remains of Apokolips, various foes have discovered their location all the same, such as the Cyborg Superman who’s been taken over by Brainiac who has arrived alongside several other cosmic adversaries looking to claim the bounty on the Main Man’s head. In response, Superman tells Flash to deploy “Maneuver 39”, a coordinated and pre-planned combo of their powers which features the Man of Steel landing hard on the surface to kick up a mass of rock and dirt, allowing the Flash to use his speed to send it all at their new enemies as a brutal wave of projectiles. Given its number designation, it seems as though their combo is one of many they’ve developed as a playbook of dynamic power synergies.


Having coordinated combo attacks such as this is one is a great way to show the League’s tenure as allies, proving that they’ve been a team long enough to know one another’s strengths and compliment them with their own. While it’s certainly something the Avengers could develop better in the Marvel Universe, the X-Men have developed power synergies extremely well, even going beyond the classic power combo of Colossus and Wolverine known as “The Fastball Special” which sees Logan being launched at enemies as an indestructible missile of sharp adamantium and Canadian rage.

In any case, seeing Superman and Flash using a practiced power combo is a lot of fun, and the issue makes it clear that it’s one of almost forty different synergized plays they’ve developed (if not more). Even so, while the maneuver doesn’t take down all of their foes in the issue, that doesn’t stop the Man of Steel and Fastest Man Alive from continuing to fight, and as such it would be great to see if they’ll use their playbook again, showing off a new combo attack in future issues of Justice League: Last Ride.

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