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The Umbrella Academy: 9 Iconic Number Five Quotes

Warning: The article contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season 3. 

With Netflix releasing The Umbrella Academy’s season 3, showrunner Steve Blackman shared that there was a possibility for season 4. Therefore, it may not be the last time fans see their favorite Hargreeves siblings, with Number Five usually calling the shots when saving the world.

Number Five has always felt he was the most important person in the room with him constantly reminding his siblings that he’s the oldest and most knowledgeable in the room. Spending half a century alone, however, he has seen and killed many under his employment with the Commission. His superiority complex has led to some iconic quotes over the last two seasons, and his commentary in season 3 is no different.


A Drunk Number Five Is A Funny Number Five

“You Know What’s Funny, I’m Going Through Puberty…Twice.”

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Five Aidan Gallagher

There are so many different variables of time traveling that can go wrong, and Number Five knows this. After disregarding his father’s refusal to time travel, Number Five does so anyways and reaps the consequences of his stubbornness.

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When Number Five returns to his original timeline in season 1, things have changed with his siblings now being older and him being a 58-year-old man trapped in a teenager’s body. After getting drunk, he throws out a funny reminder of this fact by stating he’s now going through puberty twice.

Life Is Stressful

“Always Looking Around The Every Corner Just Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop. It’s Nice To Just Breathe. ”

Image of Number Five dressed up in his Umbrella Academy uniform with mask

The Hargreeves siblings all have their own sets of problems; however, they also all have the same daddy issues stemming from childhood. From becoming a vigilante to acting in the showbiz, the siblings led their own life before being brought back together in season 1.

When it seems that there is no impending crisis in season 3, Number Five is happy to be retired from carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and killing for the Commission. However, when he learns that the road trip isn’t a simple road trip, he acknowledges that he’s never truly known a peaceful life without waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If Only One Could Choose Their Parents

“Wonder If It’s Too Late To Be Un-adopted.”

Image of a bloody Number Five in his fighting stance from The Umbrella Academy

The world is about to end for a second time, and no one seems to care but Number Five in season 2. The apocalypse storyline is prevalent once again, which is a key point to remember when watching season 3. So, while all of his siblings seem to be living their own lives in the 1960s, Number Five is left trying to get them to care about the fate of the world.

When Number Five must convince Viktor to stay and save the world, Viktor makes it known that he has a lot to process and wants nothing to do with the mission at the moment and drives off. This quote is Number Five expressing his frustration and funnily wonders if it’s too late to be un-adopted from the family.

Warm And Cozy Is Something Number Five Is Not

“I’d Ask What You’re Up To, Klaus, But Then It Occurred To Me…I Don’t Care.”

The Umbrella Academy - Five

A man on a mission, Number Five has a one-track mind when it comes to his objectives. He doesn’t allow anything or anyone to get in the way of what he needs to get done, and he’s pretty callous in expressing these sentiments.

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When he’s on a mission to stop the end of the world and runs across Klaus, he states that he would ask what he was doing but he just doesn’t care. This quote is an acknowledgment of the cold and indifferent nature that Number Five has adapted with his time alone for 45 years.

Acknowledgment and Honesty

“We All Wanted To Be Loved By A Man Incapable Of Giving Love.”

Aidan Gallagher as Five in The Umbrella Academy

Probably one of the saddest things about the Hargreeves siblings is that they are all suffering from having a father who didn’t love them. They were each seen as tools and soldiers by their father.

Number Five is the only one to acknowledge that they have this in common. Instead of fighting each other, Number Five recognizes that they were all looking to be loved by a man that was incapable of giving love and that’s not their fault.

No Days Off

“Ah, Can I Get One F**king Day Off?”

the umbrella academy season 3 cast

Even with his superiority complex, trouble seems to find Number Five all on its own. When he thinks the new timeline presents no problems, Number Five is happy to take a step back from saving the world. However, that doesn’t stay this way for long.

While relaxing in Pennsylvania as Klaus searches for his mother, Number Five experiences an energy wave that wipes out several cows. This anomaly gets his attention and leaves him wondering why he can’t seem to catch a break and a day off from disasters.

Kids Trapped In Adult Bodies

“I Guess I Would Have Grown Up To Be An Emotionally Stunted Man Child Like Everybody Else Around Here.”

Number Five with Diego and Klaus in The Umbrella Academy

After believing that the apocalypse has been stopped, Number Five is at a loss of where to go with his life going forward. His return to his original timeline has been about stopping the apocalypse and nothing else, so, with that seemingly being taken care of, Number Five doesn’t know how to start over.

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This quote comes when he sits down to have a conversation with Hazel and Hazel asks where he thinks he would have been if he hadn’t come traveled in the first place. Number Five acknowledges that he probably would have been emotionally damaged like all his other siblings.

One Chaotic Family

“What The Hell Did We Do Now?”

Image of Number Five standing in the middle of a war zone in the 60’s in The Umbrella Academy

One thing about the Hargreeves siblings is that they are sure to cause chaos wherever they go. They hold extraordinary powers yet they aren’t very responsible when it comes to navigating and using them. With Number Five being considered the bravest character from the series, he’s had to take control on more than one occasion.

When he decides to time travel with his siblings at the end of season 1 to stop the apocalypse, Number Five arrives in the war-torn world of 1963 in season 2 and his siblings fighting Soviet soldiers. Number Five acknowledges that they must have done something to cause this new disaster that led to the Soviets invading and causing a nuclear war.

What Is Family?

“Well, Can You Really Call What We Have A Family? More Like An Institute For Snarky Delinquents.”

Number Five with Dolores in The Umbrella Academy

With so many changes taking place because of the new timeline the siblings have entered, Number Five unknowingly sets off on a road trip with Klaus to help him find his birth mother. This significant season 3 plot reinforces the sibling’s need for parental love and acceptance.

Klaus sets out on this road trip because they’ve lost so many people (i.e. Ben and Grace), and they are now essentially orphans in the new timeline. When Klaus states that he would like to know what would have become of him if he wasn’t adopted into their family, Number Five questions if anyone would call what they have a family. In his eyes, they’d be considered more like snarky delinquents with no parental figures.

Family That You Can Depend On

“The Clock Is Ticking On Doomsday. Just Tell Me That When I Need You, You’ll Be Ready.”

Number Five talking to Hazel in The Umbrella Academy

With the end of the world looming, Number Five is looking to know that his family will be standing by his side to stop it. This quote is Number Five reinforcing this fact and pretty much clarifying that he will essentially need his family and wants to make sure they’re there in the end.

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