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Twitter is on fire with conversations about the Better Call Saul finale

Better Call Saul has finally met its end after six seasons, with bittersweet endings for many of the main characters who survived beyond the Breaking Bad years. It’s no surprise that online chatter about the show has been consistently going as fans excitedly express their thoughts about the ending.

It’s mostly positive, with many praising the creators for offering up not just one but two shows that were deeply enthralling, thanks to both the compelling characters and intense storylines. Some Twitter users, in particular, summed up the finale nicely in a simple Tweet.


10 Sticking The Landing Twice

This Tweet completely raves about the work done by creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, noting the pair provided 14 years of TV and stuck the landings with both series, one after the other. It’s rare for a show to be so strong the entire way through, but even more rare for a prequel or sequel series to do the same.

RELATED: 10 Shows & Movies To Watch If You Love Better Call SaulThrough the comments, many also suggest they think Better Call Saul had a better ending than Breaking Bad. When a show is great but ends on a low note, it can really sour an entire franchise. But when the series “sticks the landing” in the final episode, as many believe Better Call Saul did, it’s perfect.

9 Closure For Two

Kim, one of the bravest characters on Better Call Saul, and Jesse from Breaking Bad were the number-two characters in each show, both of whom sometimes overshadowed the leads. Both, meanwhile, got similar endings, able to move on with their lives, leaving their sordid pasts behind them.

When fans saw Kim look back at Jimmy, knowing she was now continuing with her new, mundane but also drama-free life, they had flashbacks of Jesse, who also got to do the same in El Camino. The characters have been called kindred spirits in the two shows, so it makes sense that Kim would have a similarly fitting and somewhat happy ending.

8 I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying!

Fans were already emotional when they saw Jimmy take the fall for Kim, and even more so when she visited him in jail and they shared a cigarette together. But their goodbye, whether it was a final meeting or not, tugged at fans’ heartstrings.

RELATED: Rhea Seehorn Deserves The Emmy For These 8 Better Call Saul ScenesIn particular, it was the way Kim looked at Jimmy as though she was flashing through their entire previous life together, and his recognition of what she was probably thinking. He expressed this through the gesture he gave her: the finger guns he was so known to use, and that she once reciprocated during her darkest points. These indicate “it’s all good, man,” as it he’s telling her not to worry about him.

7 S’All Good, Man

It’s a perfect GIF to celebrate the end of the show, showing a time when Jimmy turned around and said “it’s all good, man,” referencing the origins of the fake alias name he chose for himself, Saul Goodman. Bright-eyed with a huge smile, it’s Jimmy in his prime, just as he’s transforming into Saul. It was his most iconic scene in Better Call Saul.

This was a pivotal moment in the series when Jimmy first used this name. Meanwhile, the finale had a similarly pivotal moment when Saul changed his tune and insisted in court that they refer to him as Jimmy. Thus, using this scene as a way to say goodbye to Saul forever is very fitting.

6 How It Started

This Tweet beautifully captures the full-circle nature of the story. In the first season of the show, the beautiful friendship between Jimmy and Kim became evident during the memorable scenes when they would both walk out of the office and share a cigarette together. They never separately lit one up, but always shared one as they talked. It was through these scenes that fans really learned of the affection Kim had for Jimmy and his deep connection with her.

So, it was wonderfully cyclical to see them do the very same thing at the end of the show as they had often done so many years before when mulling over a difficult situation. Here, however, the stakes are raised as Kim is living a completely different life and Jimmy is spending the rest of his in jail. Yet despite everything they had been through, the connection and love is still there.

5 He Was Nothing Without Me

For much of Breaking Bad, Saul was presented as simply the guy Walter called when he needed something taken care of. Whether it was laundering money, brokering deals, or defending him in certain instances, Saul was the first person on the list to call. He was often disregarded as nothing more than a sleazy lawyer on the payroll who had to be at Walt’s every beck and call.

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But in his declaration in court, Saul finally got to speak his true thoughts about his time with Walt, recognizing that nothing Walter did, he could have done without him. It was not only a revelation for Saul himself, but also one for fans who realized that much of what he was saying was true. Saul was a far bigger player in Walt’s empire than he was ever given credit (or blame) for, by Walt or otherwise.

4 Poor Jimmy

There are always outliers, and, in the case of this Tweet, one fan appeared to not like the ending of the show. The Tweet suggests that the ending was bad, and they felt disappointed for not seeing Jimmy use one more trick up his sleeve to not only save Kim, but himself as well. Saul Goodman, after all, was one of Jimmy’s best personas on Better Call Saul. So it would have been fitting for him to use it to get himself out of a jam one last time and actually succeed.

However, the bigger picture showed that Saul was indeed just a persona: the real man was Jimmy and while few people were ever able to tug at his heartstrings, Kim was one of them.

3 The Three Ghosts

This Tweet really goes deep into the final episode, noticing how flashback scenes throughout the episode showed Saul talking to three people in particular: Mike, Walter, and Chuck. All three men played pivotal roles in his life, at different times.

In each scenario, Saul has a heart-to-heart with the man, discussing his life and regrets. In all three scenarios, Saul is clearly guarded, either by his Saul persona or his own insecurities, never actually opening up as Jimmy. It was as though Saul was being visited by three ghosts of his past, as the Tweet mentions, each of whom played a role in his transformation into a life he felt he was destined to live because of everything he did that led up to it.

2 Actions Have Consequences

This Tweet references two other pivotal characters from the Breaking Bad world, Walt and Jesse, looking at how the stories ended for each of them. Walter White, of course, ended in death. Jesse, as fans learned from the sequel movie El Camino, was able to eventually gain his freedom by going on the run with a new identity. For Saul, that ending was being imprisoned for life for disregarding the legal system he swore to abide by and defend. Jimmy ending up in jail was one of the predictions for Better Call Saul’s final episode, according to Reddit.

It all comes down to one important lesson: actions have consequences. In all three instances, the characters got what they deserved, and in some way, spent time paying penance for their sins before getting to that point.

1 Best Show Of All Time

In terms of putting things as succinctly as possible, none does it as well as this very simple Tweet that simply references the show as moving on from being the best show currently on TV to being the best show of all time.

Indeed, many Tweets comment on how Vince Gilligan did a great job with both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, hitting it out of the park with the endings for both. Its clear fans are happy with how things happened.

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