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Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Are Noticing That Tammy Never Eats Onscreen

1000-lb Sisters viewers have noticed that Tammy Slaton doesn’t get shown eating a lot while the cameras are rolling, and fans wonder why.

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton doesn’t often get caught eating food while she is being filmed for the TLC show. The Kentucky native is still trying to shed weight in order to qualify for her gastric bypass surgery. Some fans are now wondering if she doesn’t feel comfortable noshing while she’s being filmed.

While most fans of 1000-lb Sisters would agree that Tammy has had a hard life, a lot of them seem to enjoy watching her struggles play out on the small screen. For Tammy, her life has been a constant battle between trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and surrendering to her cravings. Tammy’s attitude has also been a major issue for her, as her tantrums often push her sister Amy Halterman away, and put even more strain on their relationship. Sadly, in the past, she didn’t make a real effort when it came to fixing herself up. Now, she is still in an Ohio rehab facility.


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1000-lb Sisters viewers recently wondered about something while discussing the show in a thread started by Julianorts at Reddit, noting that the series often talks about how badly Tammy eats, but never actually films her eating. Viewers noted that she eats at the “occasional restaurant” but doesn’t usually do that on a day-to-day basis. One viewer noted that they would love to see what Tammy’s “doing the best I can” looks like, in terms of following her restrictive diet. As many people with eating disorders do, she might hide their binges or purges away from loved ones, in the hopes of not getting caught.

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Sadly, viewers feel like there is a simple answer to why Tammy never eats on camera, which is the fact that she probably eats secretly. The theory would make sense since, for seasons, Tammy has been going to her doctors and trying to lose weight. Viewers joked that Tammy must have felt like she had gotten away with sneaking food, except that she didn’t factor in the fact that people would catch on once she continued to gain weight, instead of losing it. Another thread participant offered another possible reason, writing that TLC plans out certain “sections of the day to come by and film whatever they need to.” 

Tammy can easily acquire food since she can order online, or have a boyfriend, such as Jerry, deliver it to her door. 1000-lb Sisters fans are ready for a new season, during which Tammy hinted that TLC has started to film. There has even been news that Tammy has been scheduled for her gastric bypass surgery. If this information is true, it would mean Tammy has conquered her eating challenges. It’s a pretty safe bet that fans will once again not see the star eat while the cameras are rolling.

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Source: Julianorts/Reddit

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