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Why Lisa Hochstein Revealed Lenny’s Affair at Season 4 Reunion

At The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 reunion, viewers saw Lisa Hochstein revealing Lenny Hochstein’s affair, and they were shocked.

As The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein prepares to divorce Lenny Hochstein, she’s explaining why she revealed his past affair at during the season 4 reunion. Lisa broke down in tears while talking about the “emotional affair” Lenny had with another woman some years back. It wasn’t a question that Andy Cohen asked, so many fans were confused about why Lisa decided to reveal the upsetting news.

The energy between Lisa and Lenny appeared to be off throughout season 4. While Lisa boasted about her plastic surgeon husband building the “perfect wife” in her tagline, Lenny came off as being less than amused by his wife whenever he appeared onscreen. Viewers noted Lenny’s awkward energy towards his wife, and some The Real Housewives of Miami fans voiced their concerns online. This might’ve been what prompted Lisa from RHOM to reveal his past affair at the reunion. Speed up to the present day, and Lenny has already moved on from Lisa with model Katharina Mazepa, ahead of announcing plans to divorce her.


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Now that the marriage is over, Lisa is coming clean and explaining why she decided to out her husband at the reunion. While she admits to having “reservations” about sharing the information, Lisa wanted to get a leg up on the rumors that she knew would come out eventually. “I knew that it was something I would have to address because it was not really out there, but eventually someone would’ve blown the whistle,” Lisa told Page Six. “I felt like, ‘OK, let me beat everyone to the punch to just discuss it,’” she continued. However, RHOM‘s Lisa had no idea the reveal would set the stage for her impending divorce. Lenny’s “emotional affair” came at a time when the couple was having fertility issues.

Lisa & Lenny Hochstein RHOM

Seasons 2 and 3 followed Lisa and Lenny’s journey to conceive. The fertility problems led to a brief separation, where Lenny stepped out of his marriage and dated someone else. After making the reveal at the reunion, Lisa said that she chose to look past it and focus on her family. “I think people give up way too easily, and I hope that, if anything, I can inspire people to keep going,” she said at the time. However, after years of fighting for her marriage, Lisa was left behind. Lenny has been parading around Miami with his new and younger girlfriend, Katharina. Last week, Lisa brought Larsa Pippen with her to confront Lenny and Katharina at Gala nightclub. Eyewitnesses say that Lisa got into Katharina’s face, and claimed that a glass was thrown.

Lenny had been showing Lisa all of the signs that he had checked out of their marriage. However, she tried to hold on. Now, their messy breakup will likely play out in season 5. Despite the nightclub showdown not being filmed, the women have rallied behind Lisa with their support. The Real Housewives of Miami fans will have to wait to see how things play out.

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Source: Page Six

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