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Why Little People, Big World Fans Wonder If Zach’s Coaching Career Is Over

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff has been a little quiet about his coaching career recently. Is that part of his life now over?

Fans of Little People, Big World are wondering whether Washington resident Zach Roloff has closed the chapter on his coaching career for good. Zach has always loved soccer, and coaching is another way that he participates in the sport. The self-described “Hand man” (as per the show) has played the team sport for a while, and he is open about enjoying coaching. However, this hasn’t stopped people from wondering if he’s done with that part of his life.


Zach has some history with the sport, apart from coaching kids, as he has also been a competitive soccer player. Recently, Zach played in the first ever Copa America Dwarf World Cup, as part of Team USA, and helped America to defeat Great Britain in the 2013 World Dwarf Games soccer finals. Zach also coached two competitive youth soccer teams in Oregon. He’s said that coaching is a fulfilling experience. Zach loves it when the kids return, wanting to be part of his team again.

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The Little People, Big World “hand man” certainly has a passion for the sport, and he also clearly gets a lot of satisfaction from coaching people. Nonetheless, Zach’s recent soccer hiatus has made some viewers believe that he might have changed his mind about being involved in the sport. Fans on a Reddit thread remarked that they haven’t seen Zach coach soccer since season 8 of the series. Some fans noted that it might not be possible for the father of three to make progress in his coaching career for various reasons. According to Redditor u/Razorray15, a person needs a college degree to coach in bigger leagues, and this seems to be something that Zach lacks: “As far as I know Zach has no college degree so he couldn’t coach beyond a volunteer league.” Below is a cute throwback of Zach watching soccer with his son Jackson Roloff in 2017:

Meanwhile, some other Little People, Big World fans think that he gave up on soccer, with u/lh123456789 commenting that, “He talked about coaching in episodes after he and Tori were married. But it was only part time and he seems to have dropped it at some point.” Fans are still speculating about the reason for the apparent stall in his coaching career. Some fans think that it could be because he would not be able to get a paying job in a competitive league, and would be stuck in a volunteer position. Others pointed out that maybe his move to Washington had a negative impact on his coaching career.

Whether he pursues career opportunities involving soccer or not, he definitely still likes to kick a ball around. Little People, Big World viewers have seen his wife Tori Roloff share pictures of him and his first son playing soccer. He could very well coach his son, helping him to possibly get to the World Dwarf Games level someday. If coaching more soccer isn’t in the cards, Zach can keep teaching the sport to his own children.

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