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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Can’t Stand Olivia’s Annoying Friends

Olivia Plath introduced fans to a group of her friends at a girls night out on Welcome to Plathville, and many fans were not impressed.

Olivia Plath has spent much of Welcome to Plathville season 4 so far trying to repair her marriage with Ethan Plath, but she took the night off and had a girls night out with some friends who annoyed fans. Olivia has been branching out since moving to Tampa from a small town in Georgia, both with her wedding photography business and all of the activities available in the bigger city like roller-skating. Olivia seems happier this season, as she is working on her relationship with Ethan and adjusting to living with her younger brother and Ethan’s sister.

Olivia has divided Welcome to Plathville fans over the years, as some think she is too controlling of Ethan while others feel that Ethan is the immature one and Olivia deserves better. The pair started out on the show as happy newlyweds, but by season 3, they were living separately and going into counseling. Season 4 has shown the pair continuing to work through their many issues, including Ethan’s obsession with cars, which infuriates Olivia. After their latest argument about Ethan getting another car and lying to Olivia about it, the couple separated for night out.


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Ethan went to a local bar alone, where he spent the night talking about his social anxiety and befriended older women. He also shocked fans by accepting a woman’s phone number to avoid saying no to someone, and Plathville fans are eager to know whether he tells Olivia about it. Olivia, on the other hand, introduced her new friends to fans, sharing that it was her first time ever going out to a bar with a group of friends.

Fans got to see another side of 23-year-old Olivia, as she is always seen as the mature one on the show, and she could let loose with friends her own age. Like the Plath family, Olivia grew up in a sheltered home, and said that she still had stigmas against going out to drink that she carries with her to this day. It probably did not help that the bar she went to had waitresses in nun costumes serving the drinks. Welcome to Plathville fans were not impressed by Olivia’s group of friends, who kept telling her to do more shots, despite her saying she is a lightweight.

Olivia’s friend Bree also got on fans’ nerves when she bragged about cheating on her boyfriend after one week with some guy she met at a music festival. Since Olivia is always talking about loyalty and fidelity on the show, it is surprising that she would be good friends with someone who has cheated in a past relationship and does not appear to feel sorry about it. Other fans were just happy that Olivia was finally able to have some fun on Welcome to Plathville, as she and Ethan have been going through some hard times this season.

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