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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Kim’s Mom Skills Hit A New Low

Welcome to Plathville viewers are calling out Kim Plath’s lack of parenting skills again after some questionable moments from this season.

Kim Plath from Welcome to Plathville is being blasted by fans once again for her poor parenting skills. The mother of nine to Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy Plath comes across as a bit controlling at times. But with her new makeover and lifestyle change, fans believe Kim is sending the wrong message to her children.

The enormous Plath family is no longer tight-knit, as viewers witnessed in the first season. During season 2, viewers saw the family break up into three separate households. Sadly, the tensions in the home are at an all-time high, with Kim and Barry Plath announcing their divorce. In Welcome to Plathville season 4, the Plath’s will be tested again as their family dynamics change. Kim is now at the center of the family drama, with fans feeling like she may not be showing her best side as a mother.


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Welcome to Plathville fans have always felt that Kim was a bit hypocritical. Since the first season, Kim has tried to control her children by explaining how she and Barry had lived their lives to the fullest and made bad decisions such as drinking, having sex, and doing drugs. Once Kim and Barry became parents,  they wanted to shelter their children from the bad decisions they made. Kim, in particular, has always come off cold towards her older children, mainly because they decided to leave the family home so young. Welcome to Plathville season 4 has shown how Kim’s parenting skills have changed, and fans are less than impressed.


Kim’s whole attitude has changed as of late as well as her wardrobe. Welcome to Plathville viewers have watched as Kim has started to wear mini-skirts and more make-up. Her image is now sending confusing messages to her children, who thought they were supposed to dress modestly. To many TLC viewers, it looks like Kim is choosing her newfound freedom over being a mother. She has stopped homeschooling her children and even making dinner for her family. Even though Barry is there for the younger kids, his idea of a home-cooked meal is ordering pizza almost every night.

It is clear that the Welcome to Plathville star is going through a midlife crisis. Sadly, even though Kim may be changing herself, it shouldn’t mean her new life comes at the expense of her old one. The Plath children are confused and wonder what has happened to their mother.  For now, they will have to fend for themselves as Kim tries to figure out what being a good mom means to her.

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