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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think That Kim Plath ‘Ditched’ Lydia

Now that Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath is changing her beliefs, she seems to be distancing herself from her obedient daughter, Lydia Plath.

On Welcome to Plathville, Kim Plath is changing her ways, but some of her recent life choices may be mistakes, including a seeming shift in her relationship with her daughter, Lydia Plath. Fans of the series were very surprised when she appeared to abandon the beliefs and convictions that she used to uphold. The mother of nine has had a strained relationship with her older children, most of whom have grown up and moved out. In particular, Moriah and Micah Plath were viewed as wild and free spirits, who might potentially be negative influences on the younger kids.


Now that Kim is moving away from her conservative Christian roots, she is gaining a new perspective. She is quickly realizing that the strict rules and expectations she had set for her children weren’t necessary, and she’s placing more importance on enjoying life and having fun. Through this mindset, she has developed a closer relationship with Moriah and Micah, and is leaning on them as her split from Barry Plath unfolds. The news of her divorce from Barry has impacted the entire family, especially her daughter, Lydia. Since Kim is on a new path in life, her relationship with her most obedient child just isn’t the same, and fans have started to notice.

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The bond they once shared was extremely close. Now, Micah and Moriah are apparently taking her spot. Kim hasn’t been afraid to discuss the details of the divorce with them, and has been open and honest about a lot of it. Many fans took to Reddit to discuss Kim’s treatment of Lydia, and the clear distinction she is making between them. Reddit user Evening-Librarian-52 started the thread, writing, “Kim you need to do better. Poor girl. Love all your kids equally. Stop playing favorites and be a better Mom.” Lydia has seemingly been finding solace through music, and she’s been uploading her songs to her Filled With Joy YouTube channel. She posted her new song, “Yahweh,” and her fans were really excited. Listen to her tune below:

Even though Lydia finds comfort in her religious upbringing, she misses having a meaningful relationship with her mom. Many fans feel that Kim is chasing after her lost youth. That may be why she prefers to have deep conversations with Moriah, and go out for drinks with Micah. In the same thread, Reddit user, stephb4252 wrote, “She is jealous, seeing all of her older kids moved out and living life. Now she wants out of her marriage and parenting responsibilities to go live like a 20-something year old again.” 

As Kim expands her worldview, most Welcome to Plathville fans aren’t surprised by her behavior, and believe she’s just showing her true (and narcissistic) colors. No matter why she’s pushing Lydia away, there is no doubt that she’s playing favorites. As she is looking to start her new life, she seems to want to remove a lot of things from her old one, especially her formerly strong Christian Fundamentalist values. Lydia hasn’t given fans hope that her parents will reconcile, and some people who watch the show wonder if she’s going to give up on Kim.

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Sources: Evening-Librarian-52/Reddit, stephb4252/Reddit

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