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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Want Micah To Take Kim Down

Micah Plath will be meeting for drinks with mom Kim Plath in the next Welcome to Plathville episode, and fans want to see him tell her off.

Micah Plath has been having the tough conversations on Welcome to Plathville, and fans want to see him take Kim Plath down when they get together for drinks. From the episode preview, Micah seems ready to ask the hard questions, including why Kim raised her nine kids with such strict rules growing up. Plathville fans have wondered since the first season of the show whether Kim isolated her kids to protect them from the outside world or to control them better.

As the the only Plath kid to move across the country and set off on his own, Micah has come far on Welcome to Plathville. He went from not being able to speak to women to becoming quite the ladies’ man in Los Angeles. Despite living on the other side of the U.S., he always makes time for family, as he came to Tampa to visit Moriah Plath when she was heartbroken, and later for his epic 21st birthday. Since being forced out of his childhood home, Micah has become a successful model and aspiring actor.


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Micah and Moriah sat down with their parents in a previous season and told them how their parenting choices had negative impacts on their lives, as they were unprepared to live in the real world. This season of Welcome to Plathville has pushed Micah out of his comfort zone, as he has been challenged with showing more than his goofy side with some serious conversations. He confronted Moriah’s ex-boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, and kept his cool while telling him off for hurting his sister. Micah has showed his sensitive side when talking to Moriah about the breakup, and invited her out to LA to get her mind off of things.


Micah has quickly become a Welcome to Plathville fan favorite, and fans hope he does not hold back in his conversation with his mom. Kim used to be opposed to drinking alcohol at any age, but since her midlife crisis, she has changed herself completely and is grabbing a drink with Micah. Kim’s behavior has confused fans since deciding she was unhappy in her marriage with Barry Plath. She has been oversharing to several of her kids on the show about the details of her failing marriage.

Micah did not look like he was holding back during their conversation in the preview, even asking, “What made you raise us the way you did?” Kim said that she would rather be overprotective than “underprotective,” but fans are hoping Micah will call her out for being hypocritical.  Micah often comes across as the Welcome to Plathville golden boy, but he and Moriah have had difficult conversations with their parents in the past that seemed to get through to them, and fans hope to see that happen again.

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