Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo Talks Hooping Up With Craig Conover for “Comfort,” Drama With Paige, and Metul

Naomie Olindo may have hooked up with Craig Conover during filming on the eighth season of Southern Charm, but that didn’t mean she hoped to reconcile their romance.

During a recent interview, Naomie explained her motivation for hooking up with her ex-boyfriend, who she dated throughout the third and fourth seasons of the Bravo reality series, and she revealed where she stands today with his current girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, who Craig began dating months before their rendezvous.

“I was surprised at how much emphasis was put on it in the episode because I think other people made it a much bigger deal than it was to me and Craig,” Naomie told Us Weekly of her and Craig’s hookup on June 20. “It was sort of like a time and place thing where it’s like, ‘OK, I know you, I trust you, we were both like fresh off breakups.’ This is a really long time ago now, but it was never like, ‘Oh, we need to get back together, blah, blah.’ It was just like a comfort thing — a very temporary comfort thing.”

As fans may know, Naomie split from Metul Shah in July 2021, and Craig had broken up with Natalie Hegnauer in April. And while Craig began his dating relationship with Paige in May, they didn’t commit to being exclusive until months later.

Speaking of where she stands with Paige today, Naomie confirmed the two of them are “friendly” despite the many who have attempted to pin them against one another.

“We’re friendly,” Naomie said of Paige “We don’t like, you know, hang out on the weekends or anything, but I love following her on Instagram. I think she’s got great style. I love the things she posts. I think she’s great. It’s kind of one of those things, like, there are boundaries, but all good things.”

“I think they seem very happy together and I am so happy for him and I was surprised to see people, like, trying to pin me in Paige against each other, because it really doesn’t have to be like that,” she continued. “I think that any, like, misunderstandings that you’ll see throughout the season were so unnecessary because of people in other people’s ears and stuff. I think if you just left it to me and Paige, like, we would be great friends.”

During production on season eight of Southern Charm, Naomie and Paige cross paths for the first time at Kathryn Dennis‘ birthday party. And on the premiere episode later this week, fans will seen the encounter.

“She was so lovely and it wasn’t awkward at all,” Naomie recalled. “I think as a season progresses, you’ll see Paige and I have a few conversations where it’s, like, we’re not understanding each other because like I said, just a lot of different people in people’s ears and one person was saying one thing, another person was saying the other.”

Naomie also spoke to Us Weekly about her split from Metul, saying that while much of what will be revealed on the show will be news to her fans, it feels like “ancient history” to her.

“I don’t think it’ll be hard in the way I’ve processed it. Let’s just say that,” she explained. “It really ended up being the best thing that could have happened. I didn’t know that at the time — at the time I hated it — but hindsight’s 20/20, and I’m just very thankful for exactly the way that everything went down.”

According to Naomie, her biggest takeaway from their breakup, which was reportedly prompted by Metul’s infidelity, was to keep a strong sense of self and to not lose herself in a relationship.

“It was important for me to show [and] to be honest about that,” Naomie noted. “I can acknowledge that that’s what happened and [it’s] not his fault or anything like that. I think a lot of people try to be what they think people want them to be. And really the most important thing is just to be true to yourself.”

As for her love life today, Naomie said she’s “dating.”

“I’m, like, having a great time. I’ve very happy,” she revealed. “I keep saying I’m happy for the experience — as sh-tty as it was — because now it’s brought me to this place where I’m so much more aware of so many different things and life is good.”

Southern Charm season eight premieres on Thursday, June 23, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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