Elvis Presley: Did ‘chronic constipation’ cause The King’s death? – bad health explained

One of the leading theories is that the drugs and a bad diet both contributed to constipation, which itself was the main cause of a heart attack.

In Presley’s bowels, they found compacted poo that had been sitting in his bowel for four months.

At the time of his death, Presley also weighed 25 stone and had spent months locked away at home, binging on platters of cheeseburgers.

Dan Warlick, a medical expert, who was at the post-mortem said the following in the past: “Presley’s chronic constipation – the result of years of prescription drug abuse and high-fat, high-cholesterol gorging – brought on what’s known as Valsalva’s maneuver.

“Put simply, the strain of attempting to defecate compressed the singer’s abdominal aorta, shutting down his heart.”

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