Heart disease: The ‘most dangerous’ blood type to have – ‘you’re at higher risk’

According to research put forward by Harvard School of Public Health, heart disease risk might be linked to your blood type. Senior author, and assistant professor, Lu Qi – and his colleagues – revealed the “most dangerous” blood types. Based on their study, people who have blood types A, B, or AB have a higher risk of coronary heart disease than those with blood type O. In terms of those with the highest risk of heart disease, having the blood group AB tends to be most risky.

Assistant Professor Qi said: “While people cannot change their blood type, our findings may help physicians better understand who is at risk for developing heart disease.

“It’s good to know your blood type in the same way you should know your cholesterol or blood pressure numbers.

“If you know you’re at higher risk, you can reduce the risk by adopting a healthier lifestyle, such as eating right, exercising, and not smoking.”

The results

The data was obtained from two long-running research studies, which involved 89,550 adults over a period of 20 years.

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People who had the blood type AB were 23 percent more likely to develop heart disease than others.

Meanwhile, people who had type B blood had an 11 percent increase risk; those with type A blood had a five percent risk.

The research study can be found in the American Heart Association journal, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

Blood groups

The NHS said there are four main blood groups:


People who has AB blood might be more at risk of memory problems, and those with type A blood may have more cortisol – the stress hormone.

Women with blood type 0, however, were more likely to have lower numbers of healthy eggs.

While nothing can be done about your blood type, you can minimise your risk of disease by leading a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle consists of a well-balanced diet, being a non-smoker, and exercising daily.

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