Stroke: The ‘terrible’ symptom that could point to the ‘medical emergency’ – first signs

Triggered by a cut-off to the supply of blood to the brain, strokes need immediate medical attention. The sooner the person can receive treatment, the less damage is likely to occur. Gilberg’s husband was the one to dial the emergency contact when she was having a stroke as a 32-year-old.

Her partner had just set up his practice as a family doctor in their new hometown of Columbia Falls, Montana, USA.

She told him about the headache and that’s the last thing she remembers.

Premier Neurology and Wellness Center explains that stroke patients might experience a headache along the typical symptoms that form acronym FAST.

These letters detail the main things to watch out for when it comes to a medical emergency, including your body parts and time.


Gilberg had experienced two strokes, one on each side of her brain.

The blood flowing out of her brain had backed up, triggering clots in the main vein to her brain.

This condition is known as dural sinus thrombosis and it’s characterised by an increased tendency to clot, which can happen due to pregnancy.

Gilberg told American Heart Association News Stories: “I’m so grateful that I’m still here to have all of this joy every day.

“I never thought I’d see my kids graduate high school.”

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