WA’s ban on high-capacity ammo magazines to take effect July 1

The sale of high-capacity ammo magazines in Washington will be banned beginning July 1.

The measure also outlines that importing, manufacturing, and distributing magazines with more than 10 rounds will be prohibited.

WA’s ban on high-capacity magazines challenged in US District Court

“You’ll see little or no effect when it comes to it because people that obey the laws follow the laws. It’s the criminals — they seem to have a problem with the laws that they’re supposed to be following,” John Curley said on the John & Shari Show.

Magazines with a maximum capacity of 10 cartridges will still be allowed for sale and importing.

The new measure “excludes a whole lot of really popular handguns,” Curley said.

“They think this will reduce. So what they should start to do is start to keep track. So July 1, we should probably start to see the number of shootings begin to decline, homicides decline, all of that should start going down because they put this thing in effect.”

At least, that’s the hope.

In cases where people are eager enough to purchase a larger capacity firearm, Curley noted they could simply travel to a nearby state, such as Oregon or Idaho, to do so.

However, the new law is already facing lawsuits over the claim it violates certain amendment protections.

“It’s already being challenged. The Second Amendment Foundation and other gun rights organizations have filed a federal lawsuit just this month, and they said it claims that the new law violates constitutional protections under the Second and Fourteenth amendments,” Shari Elliker said.

“It’s tough to get these gun laws overturned, especially in the state of Washington,” Curley said.

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