Issue of the day: The Exorcist returns nearly 50 years on

IT remains one of the most iconic films of its genre that terrified viewers able to see it amid raging…

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Aaron Rodgers returns for 2021 season: MVP QB, Packers agree on reworked contract

Aaron Rodgers‘ highly publicized return to Green Bay was only the start of what has been an active several days…

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Denmark’s most popular eToro trader breaks down how his time as an elite chess player helped shape the strategy that made him 400% returns on bitcoin this year and led 15,000 people to copy his…

Jonas Pryner Andersen Summary List Placement “Investing is all about managing probabilities,” Christian Jain Kongsted said. To get the odds…

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Historic ‘Purple Cow’ returns in August along with the Evergreen State Fair

The Purple Cow is a blackberry float that’s been a fixture only at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe since…

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Disgraced attorney returns to sue city over restrictions on RV parking

A class-action lawsuit filed in federal court Monday alleges that parking restrictions being imposed by the city of Los Angeles…

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Diminishing returns? Pop-up clinics vaccinate stragglers — but only a few

A few months ago, the boxy, teal truck parked outside a McDonald’s in San Bernardino might have drawn hundreds of…

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Premier returns to quarantine in ‘modest’ hotel room

Live The Queensland Premier is quarantining in a “modest” hotel room and not a three-room suite, police say. Annastacia Palaszczuk…

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Small Florida flotilla returns from Cuba after showing support for protesters, democracy

A small flotilla of boats returned to Miami on Saturday evening after motoring off Cuba’s coast and setting off fireworks…

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The performance of your stock portfolio can reflect the kind of music you listen to – with happy tunes correlating to higher returns, according to a top UK academic

Caroline Purser/Getty Images What type of music people listen to is reflected in stock markets, Finance professor Alex Edmans says.…

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Great Colombian Fest Returns To Humboldt Park, Amid Concerns About COVID And Gun Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s surge in violence is causing safety concerns at the city’s well-known neighborhood festivals. Just last month, two…

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