Los Angeles

After being stuck in South El Monte for 15 months, Mexican-traveling circus makes triumphant return

SOUTH EL MONTE, Calif. (KABC) — After being stranded in South El Monte for 15 months because of the pandemic,…

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How a new program frees up beds by helping patients stuck in hospital find care elsewhere | CBC News

Maria Manalo spent more than four years living in a hospital room at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health…

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A Microsoft exec said that some staff slept in data centers during the pandemic to avoid getting stuck in roadblocks on the commute home

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Some Microsoft employees slept in the company’s data centers during the pandemic, an…

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WA police car gets stuck in sinkhole on highway

Police officers from the Wheatbelt town of Merredin have had a ‘hole lot of fun’ after their car got stuck…

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New York

Michigan firefighters rescue raccoon stuck in sewer cover

“We first put dish soap around its neck, but that didn’t work,” Lt. Lorkowski said. “We had gloves on because…

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Bear gets stuck on Arizona utility pole, video shows

A bear in southern Arizona caused quite a stir this week, along with a brief power outage, after it climbed…

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Man stuck inside giant fan at California vineyard for two days

He threw caution to the wind. A California man climbed into a large fan at a vineyard — and remained…

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Bear Found Stuck on Power Pole in Southern Arizona City

A bear in Arizona emerged unscathed from quite the power trip when it became stuck on a utility pole. Sulphur…

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Help for EV drivers stuck without a charge

So far, only one Lightning Mobile charging vehicle has been built: a demo used for supplementary charging at a site…

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The baby was dying in an ambulance, stuck in Jakarta gridlock. Volunteer motorcyclists cleared the way

The ambulance wailed, but the cars, trucks and scooters did not budge. The old man inside needed an emergency CT…

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