‘Twilight’ director explains why she worried about having Robert Pattinson kiss Kristen Stewart

The director of the first “Twilight” movie revealed she was nervous about having Robert Pattinson kiss co-star Kristen Stewart when…

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Preparing for Tom Brady on short week? Rams coach not worried

A day after his team discombobulated a third-year quarterback playing in his first playoff game, Rams coach Sean McVay and…

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Stock Market

‘I’m worried for my children.’ I’m a nurse with a stable job and never take vacation, but drowning in $106K in student loan debt. What should I do?

Getty Images/iStockphoto Question: I have a graduate degree in nursing and a stable job, but I’m still $106,000 deep in…

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Republicans are much more worried about inflation than Democrats. Why that matters

Democrats and Republicans have wildly different expectations for inflation in 2022. Republicans expect prices to rise about 7% over the…

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Stock Market

Goldman Sachs sees gains of up to 60% in these 3 beaten-down stocks — if you’re a risk-averse investor worried about market highs, they might be for you

Goldman Sachs sees gains of up to 60% in these 3 beaten-down stocks — if you’re a risk-averse investor worried…

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The top IRS watchdog looking out for taxpayers says the agency is ‘in crisis’ and buried in paper — and that she’s worried about long refund delays for 2022

The IRS Form 1040 is the most basic individual tax return. cglade/Getty The top IRS watchdog is raising alarm over…

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Personal Finance

Worried a Covid test you buy online might be fake? Here are 3 ways to protect yourself

Hache | E+ | Getty Images New Covid cases are rising fast and at-home rapid tests are in high demand.…

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Deflated and worried: Latest wave has teachers, students reeling

Ninth grade teacher Jason Mount refers to this time as “phase three” of the semester for New York City schools.…

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Ross: A very worried Canadian says American democracy is in crisis

The Jan. 6 anniversary again brought out the predictions that American democracy is in decline. And it appears that Canadians…

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Movie/TV News

Ben Affleck Was Worried About Batman v Superman Sad Affleck Meme

Ben Affleck reflects on the infamous “Sad Affleck” meme, which went viral in 2016 as his first Batman outing received…

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