Why Page Layout Design Matters for User Engagement

If you can’t attract users within 15 seconds, your page layout design isn’t working.

Website engagement is one of the trickiest things to improve, but it’s often because people don’t invest heavily into their layouts. However, the layout is arguably the most important thing about a website, aside from its content.

When it comes to attracting and retaining users, all you must do is learn about why layout design matters. We’ll help you by outlining everything you need to know about content structure, website pages, and more.

So why does page layout design matter for users? Read on to find out.

Users Gravitate Toward Certain Things

Putting together website pages can be difficult, but having the right layout design can make a world of difference. When viewing a page, you most likely start from the top. This is often the case for many other people, so you already have a basic idea of how content should be structured.

As users view a page, they’ll look at the top to see what exactly the page is about. If your page can’t draw in users, they’ll likely go elsewhere. Because of this, the top of a page is a great location for titles and menus for other content.

You can also include a variety of images on your site with an image combiner to make everything compact. Visual communication is key for many, so this will ensure you attract people with different tastes.

The Right Layout Can Influence Users

Many different types of layouts and content comprehension can be used for your site. If you use something like a hierarchy, you can easily influence users to do certain things, such as buy a product.

The hierarchy layout involves including large images at the top of the page and smaller ones near the bottom. As mentioned, users will likely look at the top, so a larger image will quickly get their attention.

This is a great strategy if you have an online store. You can place a large image of the product at the top, then a smaller area for a description below it. At the end of everything, you can place a fancy “buy” button.

Page Layout Design Determines a Site’s Attractiveness

Aside from drawing in users, a page layout also makes or breaks a site’s appearance. If your layout contains a plethora of info, your site won’t look sleek and users won’t stick around.

In web design, people simplify content comprehension for users by including only necessary info. For example, if a user is visiting an online store, the main things they’ll see are products. This allows them to find exactly what they’re looking for without wasting time.

Any extra content, such as a blog, can be placed on another page. With a few menus, users can navigate to other parts of your site if they’d like.

Invest in Proper Page Layout Design Today

Now that you know about the importance of page layout design, you should start looking for a web designer that can help you with your site. As mentioned, having the right design will determine whether your site is successful.

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