Five Apps to Help You Pass Time on Long Journeys

With some relief, we see countries lifting Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, making it easier to undertake long journeys. If you’re still concerned about being caught out by the sudden imposition of quarantine measures while you’re away, you could consider a long trip within our own country, something we often neglect. For example, a romantic trip to see the Northern Lights is always appreciated. You can “hire a party bus Indianapolis” for both formal and non-formal events. You can use a sprinter bus for that special night out on the Indianapolis, IN town, proms, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even company events.

Whether you’re going abroad or staying local, a bit of planning upfront will ensure the success and maximum enjoyment of the trip for everyone. Planning usually concerns things like routes, rest stops, accommodation, and something essential but often neglected; entertainment for the journey.

Our dedicated expert Auli Wälkky keeps a close watch on the top trending apps to see how they impact mobile users. She’ll be able to assist you with the best apps for long road trips.

Gambling Apps

Finns are known for their love of gambling, although they only rank fifth in the world. *(worldatlas.com) This may be due to their enjoyment of poker and the many poker clubs where players compete for non-cash prizes to stay within the law. If you’d like to try your hand at some of the online options, online casinos are a great way to pass the time, and many of them have a mobile app you can download. 

There’s the potential to win money which could help pay for the expenses on your trip. You can check reliable platforms to get you honest reviews and help you find the best online casino and app for your needs. You can even get started without using your own money with bonus ilman talletusta in Finland. 

Music Player

One of the best road trip game apps has to be a music player.  This is particularly helpful when you’re travelling with children. Most of us have our favourite music player, but if you don’t and haven’t tried Spotify yet, it’s a good choice as it also offers playlists, streaming and it won’t use too much of your data. 

There’s a free trial, after which you can pay $9.99 per month and have an ad-free experience. You could even get a headstart on your teenagers by trying out Spotify or SoundCloud to find out what’s coming next in music trends. Even when you’re alone in the car on a long trip, music can help you concentrate on the road ahead and remain alert.


After music, audiobooks and podcasts are a great way to while away the time, entertaining all the passengers without distracting the driver. Music, audiobooks, and podcasts are handy to have even if you’re not expecting to go on a long trip.

There are several apps from which to choose, with Audible being the best known. Most offer a free trial period and then a small fee to continue if you wish to. The advantage of the paid versions is that you’ll be free of annoying interruptions from adverts.

Language Apps

Language learning apps are a wonderfully constructive way to pass the time and can be particularly useful if you’re travelling abroad. Several different language apps are available, but we’ve found that Babbel is the best one to start with. They offer a free trial, and you’re bound to learn something useful even if you cancel after that. 


If gambling isn’t for you, but you still want games for road trips for adults, a Mad Libs word game is fun and a great way to involve everyone and pass the time.

Angry Birds 2 is another option. Created in Finland by the same team of Finns who developed the original Angry Birds, this one is just as popular as the original, providing hours of long car ride entertainment.

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