Football is back! Here is our take from the weekend’s games (NFL)

Having witnessed the Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals take place back at the beginning of February, the offseason has been a rather long period of waiting for many football fans.

Many will have been excited by the changes that certain teams made, while there will have been some that will have been left excited by the players that have arrived via the NFL draft and free agency earlier in the offseason.

Some, though, will have been looking forward to the start of the NFL season because it would have meant that they would have had several wagering opportunities available to them again. Indeed, after being able to source and take advantage of several promo opportunities available at, there will have been many that will not have been able to wait for Week 1!

Thankfully, the wait is over, as the NFL is back, and America’s favorite sport is back on our screens and in the stadiums nationwide! So, how did Week 1 go?

  • Buffalo Bills @ Los Angeles Rams – 31-10
  • Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions – 38-35
  • San Fransico 49ers @ Chicago Bears – 10-19
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals – 23-20
  • New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins – 7-20
  • Cleveland Browns @ Carolina Panthers – 26-24
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans – 20-20 O/T
  • New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons – 27-26
  • Baltimore Ravens @ New York Jets – 24-9
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington Commanders – 22-28
  • Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings – 7-23
  • New York Giants @ Tennessee Titans – 21-20
  • Las Vegas Raiders @ Los Angeles Chargers – 19-24
  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Arizona Cardinals – 44-21
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys – 19-3
  • Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks – 16-17

Plenty of storylines

As can be seen from the results of Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season, there were several close results and games that went right down to the wire. The Colts and Texans even managed to tie the first game of their respective seasons, too.

There were several games that had seen former players line up against their previous teams, too. For instance, we saw Von Miller go up against the Los Angeles Rams after winning the Super Bowl with them last season for the Bills; Baker Mayfield line up as the QB for the Panthers against the Browns; and we even saw Russell Wilson take on the Seattle Seahawks after joining the Denver Broncos in the offseason, too.

Surprising results and performances

There were also several surprising results to have occurred in Week 1, too. One that many would not have expected was the Giants’ win against the Titans, with many predicting that game to have been a lock for the hosts rather than Big Blue getting the win.

Additionally, there were poor performances from the Green Bay Packers as Aaron Rodgers struggled without Davante Adams in his offense, while the Dallas Cowboys were the only team not to score a touchdown in the first week of games, while Dak Prescott is expected to miss some of the seasons, too.

Final Thoughts

Week 1 is in the books, and we have already caught a glimpse of what the NFL can bring us when American football is played on the gridiron! While we are still very early into the 2022 NFL season, there is no doubt that we, as fans, can expect to see plenty more great sporting action in the lead-up to February and the next Super Bowl!

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