Best Apps to Stream Live Television

TV has been the go-to medium for all kinds of visual entertainment in every American home, ever since it was conceived in the 1950s. Americans love TV and according to stats, 97% of American homes have at least one television. According to the consumer electronics association, there are 285 million TVs presently in use in US homes and there are 183 million houses that are hooked to a cable connection, this depicts how closely integrated cable and TV are in our day-to-day life.

One reason why people prefer TV is that it’s a convenient activity to kill time in situations when there is nothing else to do. Television gives people an outlet to escape this mundane life routine, even if it is for a limited time. Through TV, people can just ease out while enjoying their favorite type of content from the comfort of their homes.

Another thing why people prefer television is because it’s an entertainment option that can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their age, gender, or language. That’s due to television programming being so rich and diverse that it has something to offer to any type of watcher. There was a sudden boom in TV viewership during the pandemic, in which television viewing was drastically increased.

Research by Statista revealed that there was reportedly a 15% increase in regular television watching sessions in February 2020, which was a 27% increase from what people reported during 2019. Television viewing has handed a crucial relief outlet by furnishing means of entertainment from the comfort of people’s homes at quite a meager cost, something that was essential in that time when the people were going through psychological, physical, and financial turmoil.

Boom of Streaming

Despite TV being a popular medium, lately, there has been a boom in streaming apps. These platforms are seen as an amalgamation of both TV and the Internet. That’s because streaming services work over the internet and provide content options including regular TV programming and so much more.

But since these platforms work over the internet users need to have a stable internet connection in order to make these platforms work smoothly. For that particular reason it is recommended for users to go with reputed internet providers, and if you are looking for one, do check out Cox Communications. You can call Cox to get the best streaming plan for all your streaming needs, on the other hand, Spanish-speaking customers have a dedicated line in the shape of Numero de Cox en Español to get all the required information regarding their internet services in Spanish

Streaming apps have become quite popular because they add a layer of ease and convenience for watchers by giving them full control of the content library and the stuff they want to watch. In contrast to that, cable TV follows a regular programming schedule in which each piece of content has its own time slot. Apart from that, there is an intense content library consisting of blockbuster movies and chart-breaking shows along with the original content that is produced specifically for these platforms, all that is at the user’s fingertips to enjoy.

As people are still hesitant to go back to cinemas, which has also contributed a lot to the success of these streaming apps as new blockbuster movies are immediately released on these platforms after ending their theatrical run. On the other hand, some apps allow viewers to watch regular live TV programming, that too on the go.

Best Live Television Apps

There has also been a saturation of these streaming apps currently due to an increased rise in demand. However, we have compiled a list of the best apps that gives you the functionality to watch live TV.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu is a platform jointly owned by Walt Disney Company and Comcast. Hulu become a quite popular name in the list of mainstream streaming services present in the US and is now considered in parallel with platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With a rich and diverse content library including original pictures and shows, Hulu has become a major stakeholder in the streaming scene.

Hulu+ Live TV is an app with dual nature of content as it has the functionality to broadcast live television content along with the regular streaming content as well. This makes it quite convenient for a watcher to subscribe to a single app for both regular television and streaming rather than getting puzzled by having a number of different apps. Hulu+ Live television provides its users with access to live and on-demand channels, including original ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC channels, as well as popular sports networks like ESPN, FS1, and NBCSN.

YouTube TV

YouTube is a platform known by every internet user, it’s the ultimate champion of online video streaming platforms. However, its newest offering comes in the shape of YouTube TV. YouTube TV is still in its early phases and doesn’t have a huge content library like Hulu, still, it overcomes that limitation by giving users the option to enjoy streaming simultaneously on three different screens with the same account.

YouTube TV also has the service of unlimited cloud DVR. This allows users to save live TV content to watch later. Having famous sports networks like NBA and MLB surely is a treat for the fans of games like Basketball and Baseball who are looking for alternate options after cutting their cable cord.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is also a well-known alternative among other internet-based TV platforms, Fubo TV gives users the freedom to choose from different types of packages as they would do with their regular cable TV. This provides users to select a package according to their budget which is a stark difference from other streaming platforms. Fubo TV’s content lineup is also relatively different and includes more or less every major channel which is generally missing in other internet-based TV apps. MLB Network, NFL Network, ESPN, and Golf Channel all are included in their lineups which makes it a great option for viewers who are specifically looking for alternatives to watch sports-related content.


Internet-based applications like these streaming apps are the future of the entertainment industry. What started as an OTT-based content platform like Netflix that only allowed users to watch pre-fed content. Now streaming technology has evolved to integrate apps that offer live programming like the ones mentioned above. And with these apps taking the forefront it is only a matter of time before traditional cable TV would be completely replaced by these apps.

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