Popular Health Apps That Make Tons of Money Today

People use mobile health apps to help manage health and wellness. These days, health apps can do more than just log your symptoms or book a doctor’s appointment. Modern health apps can now track your progress, manage minor symptoms, and order medications from local pharmacies. 

The popularity of wearable health devices has also expanded health app features. Health apps have become an integral part of many people’s lives day in, day out.

The Health App Industry Boom

The coronavirus pandemic and the prevalence of mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets have influenced the rise of the global health app market. Statista reports that the market is experiencing rapid growth and has an estimated global market of $189 billion in 2025.

Whether you are a health-related business owner or an app developer, considering health app statistics can help you create better, more efficient apps for your customers. As reported by Pranjal Bora of Digital Authority Partners, healthcare apps allow doctors to reach out to patients and collaborate with their peers. 

To inspire you, let’s find out more about the most popular and most profitable health apps on the market today.

Five Most Popular and Most Profitable Health Apps Today

The health app market is growing, and the following apps are leading the way.


Doximity is an app developed in the United States to help doctors work together. Usually, several doctors work together to provide the right treatment. The app ensures that doctors collaborate more efficiently and monitor their patients’ progress in real-time.

Doximity has a current valuation of almost $82 million, considering the app’s increasing value over the following years. Doctors and other medical professionals find this medical app very efficient in helping them with the challenges of patient diagnosis and treatment, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Doximity Features

  • Comes with a calculator for instant calculation of drug dosages, monitoring of patient’s progress, etc.
  • Has a built-in U.S. doctors’ directory
  • Links with nearby pharmacies and clinics
  • Offers the latest news in the medical field
  • Provides complete doctors’ information, including contact information, affiliations, emails, fax numbers, etc.
  • Allows users to message doctors directly through the app
  • Allows users to create groups for easy collaboration

Doximity is the social media app for doctors and is available on iOS and Android devices.


Epocrates was the first medical app developed for Apple devices and remains one of the most popular health apps for many users in the U.S. Currently valued at $35 million, Epocrates can connect physicians in just one click.

Epocrates has the latest medical and health information from the most reliable sources, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It has unique features that doctors find handy, such as risk assessment tools, lab test guides, pill identification, and a disease directory.

The Epocrates app has a simple interface with a handy search page to quickly find what you need. The app also has medical calculators to help with patient diagnosis, assessment, and care.

Epocrates Features

  • Access to an updated drug directory
  • Interaction checks for easy diagnosis
  • A pill identification feature
  • An updated disease directory
  • athena Text to streamline and secure doctors’ communication
  • Premium content features such as disease information, infectious disease treatments, alternative treatments, lab, and diagnostic info

Over a million medical providers all over the world use Epocrates. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

Figure 1

Figure 1 is a Canadian healthcare app that allows instant and easy access to various medical cases. This can help clinicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. This information is from hundreds of specialty groups and medical institutions around the world.

In Figure 1, doctors and other health specialists can discuss various cases. This app also allows exclusive access to a community composed of millions of experts worldwide. Doctors and specialists can listen to podcasts, read newsletters, or discuss cases all through one app.

Figure 1 Features

  • Users can share cases with other professionals.
  • Users can explore related cases.
  • Users can check out other channels.
  • The search pane helps users easily find experts.
  • Users can join discussions, attend seminars, and collaborate through one app.

Figure 1 is available on Android and iOS devices and has a desktop version. This app is currently worth  $23 million.


Headspace helps users cope with stress, anxiety, and depression using meditation. Meditation experts and ex-Buddhist monks in the U.S., who believe that training the mind daily can help achieve mental health and wellness, developed the app.

Anyone new to meditation will find Headspace helpful for various mental conditions, sleep disorders, and much more. You will learn sitting meditation, focused attention, body scans, and breathing exercise concepts. This app is for the whole family, with a section specially made for kids.

Headspace Features

  • A special guide for various meditation techniques
  • Exercises for sleep meditation and sleep hacks
  • A section on how to relieve stress using meditation
  • A course on mindfulness and enhancing self-esteem

Headspace is available on Android and iOS devices. This health app is worth over $72 million.

Runtastic Results

From the Austrian brand Runtastic comes this popular workout app called Runtastic Results. Marathon runners, trail runners, joggers, and cyclists use this app because of its versatility, efficiency, and premium features and content.

The app allows you to fully enjoy and take advantage of your fitness routines. It offers map routes in your local area where you can practice. 

It also has “power songs” to motivate you while you run. You can even pause, forward, or reverse songs as you please. Runtastic Results has a voice feedback feature to help you with different languages.

Runtastic Results Features

  • It monitors your duration, distance, calories burned, and average pace.
  • You get live location tracking from a map found on the app.
  • You can track and share your progress.
  • You can use this app to plan your routines with ease. 

Runtastic Result is an EU-based app available on iOS and Android devices.

Final Words

If you are designing or developing an app for healthcare, let these top health apps inspire you to create better and more efficient tools. A good health app will serve as your patients’ guide to achieving quality health and wellness. 

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