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Key takeaways from Garry Kasparov’s Reddit AMA on cybersecurity, privacy and online safety

Gary Kasparov recently held an AMA on Reddit, organized by Viva Technology. Viva Technology is European’s biggest startup and tech event, which brings together innovators, tech journalists, new startups and titans of the industry, such as Garry Kasparov.

For the uninitiated, Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, activist, political commentator and technology activist. Kasparov has written extensively on innovation, the future of technology and the potential pitfalls of artificial intelligence. He recently wrote a book titled Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins, and he remains active in the tech and innovation sector.

Also, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and involves individuals identifying themselves on Reddit and allowing users to send whatever questions they would like to have answered. Typically, AMAs are hosted by celebrities or people of note, but they are also often hosted by people who have had an unusual experience or who have a story to tell. Thankfully, Kasparov was asked a wide variety of questions on everything, from his greatest passions to his views on data protection.

Deepfake technology and artificial intelligence

Kasparov was asked about his views on deepfake technology and how it could generate misinformation. Kasparov highlighted the importance of adequate safety and control measures and referenced his work with Avast, which helps to improve digital security and provide companies and individuals with the tools necessary to fight against online attacks. As an advocate for democracy and free speech, Kasparov said that the development of deepfake technology is deeply concerning and noted: “In the hands of a dictator, deepfakes can be worrying, and what we need, besides technology that can detect deepfakes, will be consumer awareness and education so people understand that online content cannot always be trusted”.

Regarding artificial intelligence, Kasparov noted that AI is really a series of tools that can be used to make our lives easier, and even though it may be easier to give in to fears of sci-fi like destruction, we should really embrace AI. He added that AI is still much further away from actual intelligence or consciousness than many commentators would have you believe. So far away, in fact, that Kasparov believes that questions about AI and machine sentience are best left to philosophers rather than innovators or scientists. Rather than describing AI as artificial intelligence, Kasparov thinks that it should be described as artificial general intelligence, because current AI standards are so far away from actual intelligence or autonomous sentience.

Consumer safety online

During his AMA, Kasparov also discussed the significance of cybersecurity for everyone, including consumers. Kasparov highlighted the significance of cybersecurity multiple times during the AMA and highlighted the ways in which AI can be used to benefit individual users of the internet, stating: “We need transparency on how data is collected and how it is used to create trust and security for the user, and this is an essential field of research in science and businesses at the moment, so we can profit from AI instead of being exploited by it”.

Cybersecurity has been a focus for a number of different digital entertainment platforms, including online casinos. Platforms that store and use financial and personal information are especially vulnerable to attack and the online gambling industry is one of the industries that hold comprehensive financial information of its users. The online gambling industry has invested heavily in creating ironclad security measures for its users and it is now much safer than ever before to use online casinos or digital gambling apps.

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Kasparov was also asked about his views on Bitcoin and more broadly, the rise of cryptocurrencies. He noted that cryptocurrencies are one way to democratise economies around the world and “wrest some control from big tech and government bureaucracies”. Kasparov also said that cryptocurrencies could act as a democratizing power in that they give power to people other than the government. He added that although cryptocurrencies may seem chaotic, dangerous and confusing at the moment, they will likely become increasingly commonplace and widely accepted.

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