Best Places to Buy a House in New York

As a metropolitan state filled with breathtaking wonders, historical architectural works, diverse people, booming businesses, and high-grade educational institutions, New York is among the greatest places in the US to invest in real estate. However, buying a house can be tiring, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the market. How do you know the best neighborhoods to pick? What are the places you should avoid? Which peculiarities should you look out for? Below are the answers you need before you start looking for houses for sale in New York


The state capital often referred to as the Tri-City area since its separation into smaller neighborhoods, including Troy and Schenectady, is one of the best cities to purchase a house in. It is situated on the West Bank of the River Hudson and only 150 miles away from the popular New York City. 

Even though it is large, it isn’t as costly and overcrowded as other cities. It maintains a record of 6.5 in overall score, 6.9 in quality of life, and 7.5 in value. Its records show a friendly community with a low crime rate and access to necessary facilities such as health care, education, and financial institutions. It also has an average income higher than the national average income, which is suitable for raising a family and retiring. 


The second-most populous city in New York State, known for its popular “Buffalo wings” is located on Lake Erie, about 20 miles away from Niagara Falls. It is arguably the best town to live in upstate New York. It has about $195,767 as its average home value, experienced about a 137% increase in property values in the past decade, and utility, groceries, and health care costs are below the national average. 

In addition, it’s bike-friendly, walkable, and pet-friendly, making it suitable for pet lovers. Though the city experiences the second-highest average snowfall rate in the country, you can sit in front of a fire or join the residents in cheering for their teams, The Buffalo Sabres National Hockey team, and The Buffalo Bills National Football team.


Located in central New York and about a four-hour drive to New York City and a three-hour drive to Buffalo, Syracuse is considered an affordable place to live, with an average home value of about $150,641, a property value increase of 52.8% over the past ten years, 6.35% in comfort index, and an average cost of living higher than the national cost of living. This has influenced the population composition, which comprises young adults, families, and retirees. 

Syracuse is pet-friendly and safe, with a perfect urban and suburban living mix. It also has avenues for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, etc. When moving in,  it is advisable to get warm clothing as it snows more than 120 inches annually. 


Named the best place to live in the northeast post-pandemic by Business Insider, steeped in history and culture, and has many family homes over 100 years old, Rochester is located in Monroe County in northwestern New York and on Lake Ontario. It has an average home value of $194,665, 54.49% property value gain over the past decade, 6.6% of the comfort index, and higher than the national average cost of living by 2.3%. Rochester residents are kind and neighborly, eager to lend a helping hand, making it conducive for raising a family and keeping pets. Also, the city is famous for its long and cold winters.


Kingston was the first capital of New York. It is a small town nestled on the banks of the Hudson River, known for its stunning landscape and storied pasta is a stone’s throw away from New York City. It has an average home value of $343,847, less $500,00, a 70.22% property value increase over the past decade, a 6.9% of comfort index, and higher than the national average cost of living by 10.4%. It is excellent for families and professionals as it has various shops, restaurants, and entertainment spots.

5 Least Places to Buy a Home

As much as New York has its attractions, you don’t want to buy a home in some cities. Not all places are conducive. Below are some of them, using factors such as safety, employment opportunity, education, etc.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has a  low cost of living, an above-average school, various attraction centers, recreational spots, and many bars and restaurants. It is, however, the second-most dangerous place to live in New York, ranking the third-most violent crimes and the sixth-highest rate of crimes involving people’s property.

Dix Hills

Dix Hills has the lowest walkability, meaning you always have to get a means of transportation to get around. In addition, during the past decade, the percentage value of its homes has not grown much, making it difficult to get a good ROI and sell your property. It has little provision for pets; hence if you are a pet lover, you would need to reconsider. 


Road Snacks recorded Monticello as the worst place to buy a house in New York. Economic factors contribute to its ranking as it has the worst unemployment rate in New York, about 10.8 %. The standard of living is low; the median household income for the working class is barely above the poverty level. Furthermore, entertainment and relaxation options are limited.


Rated as one of the unsafe places in New York, Utica is the seventh most dangerous place to live. It has an unemployment rate of 8.2%, higher than the state average. It has the cheapest houses in New York, yet it suffers low demand for housing, emphasizing the location’s undesirability.


Schenectady is the fourth in the violence category and twenty-sixth for thefts and related crimes. In addition, there is poor performance and a lack of diversity in terms of job opportunities in schools. However, Schenectady boasts of vibrant nightlife.

Do You Have These Preferences?

  • If you want high-quality healthcare services, you can buy your home in Albany and New York City neighborhoods, such as Melrose, Soho, Midtown, Washington Heights, and Uptown Manhattan.
  • Consider neighborhoods like Strathmore, Washington Square, and Eastside in Syracuse for a sound education system.
  • Check out Manhattan, New York City, Syracuse, Albany, and Kingston for high-class financial institutions.
  • There are also several recreational parks in the top 5 places mentioned above, such as the Canalside in Buffalo, the Buffalo Zoo, where about 400,000 people visit the zoo yearly, the Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, and Times Square. The Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail with a 9.8-mile trail, the NYC, Buffalo, and Syracuse has plenty of sidewalks and bike lanes suitable for walking, jogging, hiking, or biking.


If you’ve always thought purchasing a house in New York is daunting as major considerations like the best neighborhood to settle in, places to avoid, and environmental conditions that need to be settled will arise, you are right. However, it won’t be if you follow the guide above. You have all the answers you need to make the process easy and end up in a place that meets your needs. 


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