Where Does NYC’s Love Affair with Baseball Come From?


New York City is one of the most visited places on the planet. However, millions of people live in the city, and they have plenty of options when it comes to sport. American football is arguably the most popular sport in the United States but many people in New York City will tell you baseball is their game. Why do so many people in New York City love baseball?

The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are one of the most recognizable sports teams in New York City. In fact, the Yankees are one of the most widely recognized sports teams on the planet. You can find the best MLB bets today by using online tipsters and sportsbooks, the latter of which are legal in New York.

If you ask anyone who has little interest in baseball to name a professional Major League Baseball team, they are likely to say the New York Yankees. One of the reasons for this is because you will find Yankees merchandise for sale all over the world. This applies to countries that have little interest in baseball. In New York itself, Yankees memorabilia is everywhere and if you live in the city, you cannot walk down the sidewalk without seeing some reference to the baseball team. That alone is enough to drive interest in baseball and from an early age, NYC natives see Yankees merchandise daily.

The Movies

For some baseball fans in New York City, the love affair is driven by movies. Some of the top sports movies of all time are based on baseball or feature baseball as part of the storyline. Field Of Dreams, Pride of The Yankees, Bang the Drum Slowly, and Bull Durham are all examples of popular sports movies featuring baseball. Television series have also had a role to play in the love affair of baseball in New York City. The comedy show Seinfeld is a good example and one of the leading characters gets a job with the New York Yankees. Seinfeld is regarded as one of the greatest television sitcoms ever made and is sure to have led to many people following the Yankees and baseball generally in NYC.

An Easy Game to Play

At the basic level, baseball is an easy game to start playing. The equipment used is simple and there are many baseball diamonds available in New York City. Community teams are available to join and playing baseball as an amateur is as much about enjoying the company of others as it is playing the game itself. Even if you have never played a game of baseball before in your life, you can start playing in a matter of minutes and it is great fun. Another side to baseball is betting and although sports betting in New York City has not always been legal, there have been plenty of individuals taking bets on baseball for many years. Baseball is made for betting and for some people, sports betting may have been their first interest in the sport.



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