How Can You Earn BTC?

Bitcoin has become one of the most recognized and famous cryptocurrencies, and it is one of the innovations that has triggered the adoption of cryptocurrencies in general. Due to the rewarding bull cycle of Bitcoin today, there are many new investors looking to add BTC to their portfolios. If you also want to earn BTC, in this article, we covered some of the main options available for anyone who wants to get BTC.

Bitcoin Mining

One of the main options for obtaining BTC is through Bitcoin mining. This is a reliable option for earning Bitcoin tokens, but it is time-consuming because the miners on the network are competing against each other to gain a block reward.

In addition, there are protocols in the blockchain network that further increase the difficulty of the mining process and also add to the costs of mining. More specifically, mining is an energy-intensive job that will increase your electricity bill. But, on top of that, you need to be able to solve a complex computational problem before the other miners in order to get the block reward.

Also, the worth of the block reward gets halved based on a specific blockchain protocol. Bitcoin halving cuts in half the block reward of the miners in order to slow down the pace at which new Bitcoins are produced on the network. This means that each halving only diminished the value of the block reward, and in 2021, you will get 6.25 BTC for working as a miner. This makes mining a very unprofitable venture for a lot of miners that work alone. That’s why most miners nowadays are increasing the chances of obtaining BTC through mining as a group in mining farms and pools.

Online Trading Sites

In contrast, there are online trading sites where you can earn BTC through trading. This is a much quicker process, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, especially with the rise of automated trading sites.

For example, is based on Artificial Intelligence technology which is the foundation for automated trading systems. This software generates high-quality trading signals and is able to facilitate online trading at a high accuracy rate, while it isn’t necessary for users to be knowledgeable about crypto trading or Bitcoin. You only need to deposit at least $250 to create your account, and you can potentially earn daily returns of up 60%.

Answering Surveys and Online Shopping 

These are some alternative options to obtaining BTC with answering surveys and shopping online; however, you should know that you probably will earn Satoshis and work your way up to a Bitcoin. When it comes to online shopping, there is a Chrome extension Lolli that is widely known today and was even promoted by celebrities like Michelle Phan. This extension helps you earn up to 30% of your online purchases in BTC. Lolli supports brands like Macy’s, Harry’s, Bloomingdale’s, Udemy, EM Cosmetics, Sephora, and other companies.

Otherwise, there are sites like TimeBucks, Survey Time, where you’re able to earn rewards while you’re answering surveys, and BTC is also an available option as a reward.

Referral Programs 

Their crypto providers allow you to earn BTC or be compensated in another way for referring people to their services. So, whenever someone uses their service through your personalized link, you will get compensated. But, this varies from one provider to another, and it is important to do your research and find a referral program that works for you.

Final Thoughts  

In conclusion, the most accessible and reliable way of obtaining BTC’s is on online trading sites. However, you will need to make a deposit in order to start trading. Otherwise, there are other methods that allow you to earn a Bitcoin, but you should know that you probably will need to work towards your financial goal for a longer period of time.


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