Where Can You Use Bitcoin As A Payment Method

As time passes by, the number of companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method increases. They fully understand the potential of this cryptocurrency and all the advantages that it boasts, which is why they decided to integrate it into their system.

Some of those advantages are extremely secure online payments and instant transactions. Due to the fact that Bitcoin is fully optimized for online use, you can send and receive funds instantly. That is not the case with most of the regular payment methods as they have a processing period that can last as long as 5 business days. And even if the transactions are instant, like with e-wallets, fees are likely to be applied. Bitcoin users void all fees.

Speaking on companies and businesses that accept Bitcoin, we wanted to mention some businesses that offer their services/products globally and accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Let’s check them out.


Tesla was the most recent global brand to join the family of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. After they invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, they announced that they will integrate this cryptocurrency into their system and people can use it to purchase their vehicles. Not only that, but the Tesla investment cause the price of Bitcoin to spike in a matter of days.

Days after Tesla announced that they made their investment, Bitcoin’s value went from $47,000 to over $50,000 in a matter of a few days. Hence, thousands of people in that period registered to trade with Bitcoin and make a profit with it.

Thanks to reputable trading sites like, they even had the chance to maximize their profits. How? These trading sites use advanced AI systems that can analyze the market and make accurate predictions on Bitcoin’s future fluctuations. The results are shared with the traders who have intel on when is the best time to sell their assets and thus, maximize their profits.

Speaking of making a profit, it is worth noting that Tesla managed to profit off their investment as well. It is reported that they made over $1 billion in profits a week after they invested in Bitcoin.

Online Casinos

If you want to haveunique entertainment, then online casinos are the gaming sites to visit. But, we do need to mention that if you register at these sites, you need to play for entertainment purposes only. The idea is to have fun, not to take any risks.

Online casinos have had a massive surge in popularity in the recent period and there are now millions of people that access their sites daily. Thanks to the numerous advantages such as hundreds of quality games, greater security, bonuses and promotions, easy access, and numerous accepted payment methods, online casinos are set to be the future of the gambling industry.

They are already responsible for around a quarter of the total annual revenue that the industry makes and experts believe that they will become the leaders by 2025. Bitcoin is one of the numerous accepted methods at these sites. When using it, not only will you be able to deposit and withdraw money instantly, but you will also be able to access unique Bitcoin games.


Even though numerous other global brands accept Bitcoin, the last one that we’ll mention is Expedia. This company is the biggest online travel agency in the world and one of the earliest supporters of Bitcoin. Thanks to Expedia, you can book over 700,000 hotels around the world. Additionally, Expedia has stated that they are working on expanding the number of services that you can purchase with Bitcoin.


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